Sunday, December 4, 2011

Would You Pray With Me?

I hope to lead an Evangelistic Bible Study called  In Search of... in mid January 2012. Please join me in prayer between now and then as we seek to influence 2 to 3 unsaved couples into a seven week bible study.

In Search of... Is a seven week evangelistic bible study from the Psalms covering seven different things that human beings desire.

  • The goal is to stimulate thinking along the lines of spiritual things generated from relevant "needs" of individuals in order to share the gospel.
  • This study is schedule to begin Thursday evening, January 19th, 2012 at 7:00 PM

  • The goal is to present the gospel in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere of a living room to six or eight people in order for God to claim some as His in redemptive power

  • The goal would is to enroll those who were redeemed by the power of Christ into the first segment of the Gospel-driven Disciples discipleship small group
Prayer Requests

1.  Host home in order to hold the study
2.  Six to Eight individuals to attend
3.  Presence and power of the Holy Spirit
4.  Ability to share and teach compassionately
5.  God's character to be manifested for His glory

Post Script (P.S.)

Since making the decision to conduct an evangelistic study and placing this post in Que two weeks ago in order to post today, the enemy has been at work. I had hoped to develop a relationship with three unsaved couples in order to invite them to this study, the wife of one couple had an aneurysm and is in the hospital in intensive care, and another couple separated and seems to be headed for divorce.

This may delay the new evangelistic Bible Study and it shows that this is a very serious spiritual warfare that we are engaged in. Satan does not like his territory invaded. Praise God however, He is sovereign and does as He pleases! Amen! 


Trisha said...

Praying with you and for you, Gregg!

Petra said...

I will pray and believe! Blessings!

Persis said...

Praying, Gregg.


Praying for spiritual victory - for God's glory!
Your friend,
Abundant Life Now

Robin said...

My prayers will be with you!


From across the big pond I will be with you in prayer.


Unknown said...

Keep up the good work. YOur blog is inspiring.