Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Revised Reading Plan

Image result for bible reading calendarSometimes having a day or two off gives me too much time on my hands to tinker around with things. I have re-evaluated my reading plan for this coming year (and as you can see, for the next three years.) I have decided to follow a modified plan of John MacArthur's (Pastor of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA and President of Master's Seminary, Sun Valley, CA) suggested reading plan.

I intend, by God's grace, to read a book of the NT everyday during a given month. For example, beginning in January of this year I will read 1 Peter once a day for 30 days. (For the months which have 31 days, I will use that day to catch up) I hope to really explore and dig deep during those 30 days. As you can see I have divided up the larger books. In 2021 I will read the Old Testament through in that year. Then in 2022 I will devise another reading plan for the New Testament.

(No, I don't know where I will work the gospel of John in)

2018                                        2019                                                    2020

Jan       1 Peter                         Jan       Romans 1-8                             Jan      Mark 1-8
Feb      2 Peter                         Feb      Romans 9-16                           Feb      Mark 9-16
Mar      Luke 1-8                     Mar      James                                     Mar     Galatians
Apr      Luke 9-16                   Apr      1 John, 2 John, 3 John            Apr      2 Corinthians 1-6
May     Luke 17-24                 May     1 Corinthians                          May     2 Corinthians 7-13
June     Philippians                  June     Ephesians                               June     Colossians
July      Jude                            July      Matthew 1-7                          July      Acts 1-8
Aug     Hebrews 1-7               Aug      Matthew 8-14                         Aug      Acts 15-21
Sept     Hebrews 8-13             Sep       Matthew 15-21                       Sept     Acts 22-28
Oct      1 Timothy                   Oct       Matthew 22-28                       Oct       Revelation 1-7
Nov     2 Timothy                   Nov     1 & 2 Thessalonians               Nov     Revelation 8-14

Dec      Titus                           Dec      Philemon                                Dec      Revelation 15-22