Sunday, September 3, 2017

Jonah Does the Unexcused (Part 2)

Sermon:               GM17-158

Series:                  Jonah: A Gospel of Grace

Subtitle:               Jonah Does the Unexcused (Part 2)

Scripture:            Jonah 4:5-11

Subject:               Jonah gets mad at God

Statement:           Jonah reacts to God’s grace in unexcused anger

Scrutiny:              Why is Jonah so inexcusably angry at God?

Solution:              This passage supplies two reasons why Jonah is so inexcusably angry with God.

Sketch:                 1A     Jonah is angry at the gracious decision of God (Vss. 1-4)

The Ninevites, from the King to the peasant repented. In response to their repentance, God decided to relent from the destruction that He had warned them through Jonah would fall upon them. This decision angered Jonah.

                             2A     Jonah is angry at the gourd’s destruction by God (Vss. 5-11)

God has questioned Jonah over his gracious decision to spare the Ninevites. God now prepares a plant to give some shade to Jonah. However, God intends to question Jonah about Jonah’s justice of being angry when God destroys the plant that has provided relief to Jonah.

Scheme:                         To provide proof that it is never right to be angry with God for it is sin

Friday, September 1, 2017

Will and Dorothy Rogers September Newsletter

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Baptist Bible Fellowship International
Box 191 Springfield, MO 65801

September 1st, 2017

Will & Dorothy Rogers Newsletter

It is harvest time here in Canada. We’ve driven through miles and miles of prairie country filled with great fields of grain. Despite a fairly small population, Canada is the 6th largest producer of wheat in the world and about half of that is grown right here in Saskatchewan. As the fields rolled by, we saw huge machines working hard to bring in the harvest. It is a big operation with many moving parts, from field to silo to railcars.
Sadly, the spiritual harvest is not as robust, though it is much more precious. Many of the people in the church here can remember better spiritual times for the area, but now in numerous communities churches are closing or are without leadership. The land is falling under the sway of liberal social change, to the point where one teacher said that she faces a crisis of conscience over      being forced to teach little children concerning ‘gender-choices’.
But there is still a harvest! God is still working!  God is still moving the parts together to gather souls! We believe that is what God is doing here.
We are very thankful for George & Betty Lewis and the church-planting work that God is using them to do. The people working with them are solid believers who are filled with hope and enthusiasm. We have done our best to encourage them and make their hearts strong for the harvest-work that lies ahead. It is not yet time to quit! The people welcomed us and our message with open arms and open hearts. This land can still produce a bountiful harvest!

* God-willing, our next letter will come to you from Zambia in southern Africa! Please PRAY for our safe travel there.
* Please keep our daughter, Sharon, and her family in prayer. Her health is still not good, but she has a great attitude. PRAY that God will grant relief to her inflammation and pain. We are very thankful to be able to spend a couple weeks with our grandchildren before we leave Canada. We are currently in Fort St. John, British Columbia where Sharon lives.

As always, we thank God for your faithful prayers and support,

Will & Dorothy