Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pop Quiz

Today, let's take a minute and test your biblical knowledge  This will be a "closed bible" quiz! No peeking! No googling! No life-lines! Here we go:

1.  Who do most scholars believe wrote the collection of laments known as "Lamentations?"

2.  What were the first words spoken to Mary, the mother of Jesus by the angel Gabriel?

3.  To whom did Luke write his gospel and historical narrative called "The Acts?"

4.  To what city did Jonah decide to flee to when he first refused to go to Nineveh?

5.  How many "verses" are there in Psalms 119?

6.  Who abandoned Paul and Barnabas for Jerusalem when they reached Perga in Pamphylia

7.  What significant event took place in Lystra of Lycania?

8.  When did the Apostle John write his gospel?

9.  Where in the Scriptures, Old or New Testament is the phrase, "Cleanliness is next to godliness" found?

10.  Name three (3) of Paul's traveling companions.

How did you do? Those of you who take the quiz please comment on your score and how you did. Please comment on what you may learned from this pop quiz. Answers will be posted Friday, December 9th.


Alice said...

I love a quiz, I won't cheat!

1. Jeremiah
2. Hail! or perhaps Fear not!
3. Theophilus
4. Tarshish
5. ?
6. Mark
7. Paul was stoned?
8. In the 90s AD
9. It's not
10. Mark, Timothy, Barnabas

Persis said...


1. Jeremiah
2. "Hail"
3. Theophilus
4: Tarshish
5. 150?
6. Mark
7. The people wanted to worship Paul as a god, which led to riot and his being stoned.
8. After Revelation, exact date ?
9. It's not in the Bible.
10. Barnabas, Mark, Silas

(I didn't cheat but verified one of my answers.)

pstrlem said...

Not cheating either...

1. Jeremiah
2. Hey you!....jk...can't remember.
3. Theopholis
4. Tarshish
5. 176?
6. Silas? Demas? (multiple choice
8. A.D. 65
9. Nowhere
10. Luke, Silas, Barnabas, Timothy

Wow...humbling 10


I won't put my answers down as I didn't do very well. A great idea though Gregg.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Easy Bible Quiz - Test yourself!