Friday, December 30, 2011

Does Jesus Need Saving?

Kidnapped by the Christian Right.

Discarded by the Secular Left.

Jesus Needs Saving.

So says Living the Question and Jesus Redux Home Edition is a 12-episode video "exploration" for a credible Jesus for the 21st Century. This is a compilation of some 25 "experts" who come together for a conversation about the relevance of Jesus for today.

Amy-Jill Levine, a participant, says: "We're having a culture war and Jesus happens to be one of the weapons tossed about by both sides."

The savingjesus video exploration sets out answer questions like:

Who was He?
What can we know about Him - really?
Considering everything done in his name, is there anything about him worth saving?

Their advertisement in Time Magazine goes on to say, "With insights from 25 specialists, Saving Jesus leaves behind old paradigms and dogmas for a candid conversation about a Jesus you've probably never heard about - one with relevance for today."

Really? A conversation I have never heard about Jesus? With Brian McLaren and Walter Brueggemann as key participants I don't doubt it is a conversation about a Jesus I have never heard about. McLaren is attempting to single handedly destroy traditional Christianity and reconstruct it without biblical parameters.

This is so reminiscent of the time around "Easter" when all the documentaries, programs, and articles on the lost epistles, spurious writings, missing books of the bible, and resurrection legends appear.

Jesus is not lost. Jesus does not need saving. Brian McLaren and his cronies need saving. Jesus is not a cultural war weapon being tossed about by biblicists and biblical Christians. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God in heaven where he has been since his ascension back into heaven. He serves night and day as both high priest and advocate to the true children of God.

The Scriptures are clear on who Jesus is and why He is "relevant" to any age, including this modern age in which we now live. Would I discourage a conversation about Jesus? Certainly not. At least not a conversation based on sound proper biblical exegesis and in line with 2,000 years of accepted church history. Is it possible to tweak some things about Jesus life and/or ministry and through discovery find some additional facts? Yes.

However, nothing we now know or will ever discover will ever contradict what has been revealed in the Bible. Culture does not change Jesus nor cause him to need saving. Experts who have rejected traditional and biblical Christianity will not change Jesus nor cause him to need saving. Discussions lasting 12 or 120 episodes will not contradict or undo the revelation of Jesus Christ in our Sacred Scriptures.

Living the Questions, with its lofty goal of "...not the product of a denominational work group or other institutional effort aimed at simply dressing up the theological status is the response to the search for a practical tool to bring together, equip, and re-educate thinking Christians" has missed the mark. Jesus does not need them to redefine him or Christianity.

Jesus has not been kidnapped by the Christian Right. He was given as a gift to a lost and dying world.

Discarded by the left. To discard implies something once possessed, those apart from a saving work of Jesus Christ never had the true Christ, therefore, He cannot be discarded.

Jesus does not need saving. 

However, Luke tells us very succinctly and pointedly that, "For the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost." (Luke 19:10, ESV)


IanH said...

Where do these people come up with these ideas? Oops, I think I just answered my own question.

mikew116 said...

Sad, another round of distortion for the Christian community. Good article and very true, Bro. Gregg, thanks for sharing.

Persis said...

"Jesus does not need them to redefine him or Christianity."



Why do some people come up with notions like this?
There seem to be many weird folk in the world.
Well written Gregg.


Anonymous said...

"Kidnapped by the Christian Right. Discarded by the Secular Left. Jesus Needs Saving."

I know you guys are probably some sort of modern Marcionites, but I recall a passage from that dreaded Old Testament you hate so much where Gideon done tore down an altar of Baal, and them Baal worshipers came to Gideon's father's house alooking for him. And they said like "We's gonna kill that Gideon, cuz he done went 'n tore down the alter of Baal."

And Gideon's father said:

"Surely, Baal is a God. Let him plead for himself. But if any man dare plead for Baal, let HIM be put to death this day."

Gregg Metcalf said...

That is a foolish asumption to make. First, I am not a dualist. Second, I don't think that the God of the OT is any different than the God of the NT. So, I am far from a Marcionite. My point was, in spite of the wild claims of some, Jesus does not need saving. He is alive and well and can take care of himself. I love the OT and hold no hatred or disdain to it. Your wild and unfounded assumption shows you know nothing about me. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read and comment!