Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jonah Experiences the Unequaled (Part 3)

Sermon:     GM17-153

Tag:           Jonah: A Gospel of Grace

Title:           Jonah Experiences the Unequaled (Part 3)

Text:           Jonah 2:8-10

Theme:       Jonah composes a Psalm

Theory:      The gracious compassion of the salvation of God compelled Jonah to compose a psalm of thanksgiving and praise

Target:       To provide God’s people with the motivation to praise when they find themselves “saved” or “delivered” by God

Monday, July 24, 2017

Blog Distractions

I am so sorry I have been negligent in keeping my blog. I have allowed the study of Jonah, the pursuit of readings, and some other things distract me. For some reason I have very little motivation right now. I know I am discouraged and could use your prayers.

Some things that have kept me away from my blog are:

  • the visit of my mother and father and sister from Austin, TX
  • A short quick trip to Lynden, WA to visit my other sister and her family

  • the study of Jonah
  • the visit of my mother-in-law and niece from Alaska
  • the visit of my daughter and her family including the twins from Illinois
  • a trip to San Jose, CA for my mother-in-law's 86 birthday
  • supervising the design and building of a outside deck
  • the Rockford Files DVDs
  • reading four (4) books at once. I have finished two but have about 2 dozen more to go.
So, I ask you to please forgive me and to pray for me. It is not like me to be discouraged and for so long of a time.