Tuesday, December 20, 2011

About Converson: The Effects

The Effects of True Conversion

According to

Charles H. Spurgeon

True Conversion…

…takes away the despair of the soul; but not true repentance

…gives pardon to a man; but does not make him presumptuous
…gives a man perfect rest; but doesn’t stop progress

…gives a man absolute security; but doesn’t prevent alertness

…gives man holiness; but doesn’t let him boast

…gives a man the desire to live for God; but doesn’t hinder blessed communion with God
Happy 16th Birthday to my darling granddaughter Madilynn Nicole Metcalf of Vancouver, WA! I love you pumpkin!


Persis said...

Great quote. I especially like the 1st point.

Anonymous said...

I often tell people who profess faith in Christ... if your life doesn't change, it didn't happen. Not that we are perfect but that we have a God centered life if we profess to be His.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


kc bob said...

Love it! Great stuff Gregg!


Sorry I am late, Happy Birthday to your grand daughter.