Monday, December 19, 2011

About God: God the Father

Spurgeon Gems

"Beloved Friends, we may well continue to praise God, for our God continues to give us causes for praise!" --1893, Sermon 2296

"Never let us fall into the false notion that if we magnify Christ, we are depreciating the Father. If any lips have ever spoken concerning the Christ of God so as to depreciate the God of Christ, let those lips be covered with shame!" --1894, Sermon 2382

"Whenever we have to praise God, we do we do? We simply say what He is! 'You are this and You are that.' There is no other praise. We cannot fetch anything from anywhere else and bring it to God; the praises of God are simply the facts about Himself! If you want to praise the Lord Jesus Christ, tell the people about Him." --1891, Sermon 2213

"Why is heaven called a city? Because it is a place of fellowship where men meet one another!" --1893, Sermon 2291

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