Saturday, October 3, 2020

Do Not Be Dismayed!

Believers, as Paul reminded the Thessalonians, do not be, 1) deceived, 2) dismayed, or derailed in these last days. The events of today should not surprise any genuine believer, nor should they give you cause for alarm or fear, and especially, they should not cause you to be inactive or unfaithful to

your Lord. The prevailing wickedness that is developing faster than we can comprehend, the persecution of the body of Christ, and prevailing opposition of anything moral, holy, or Godly by gross immorality, filthiness, and godliness is right on time in God's calendar of events as the time of His Son's return to this earth and the establishment of His Kingdom of Righteousness approaches. Therefore, do not be soon shaken in mind or troubled, let no one deceive you by any means. Before Christ can be revealed there must be the removing of the church, the rebellion of the created, and the revealing of the corrupter. May the Lord of peace give you peace always and in every way. Amen!