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Tried By Fire

"Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the elect who are sojourners of the Dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia...Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, ye have been put to grief in manifold {1} trials, that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold that perisheth though it is proved by fire, may be found unto praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ..." I Peter 1:1, 6-7, (ASV) 

The Roman Emperor Nerva was well advanced in age when he became emperor in the AD 96. In October of 97 AD he adopted Trajan as his son. This move made Trajan the "emperor in waiting." Nerva die three months later which made Trajan the new Roman Emperor.

Trajan is usually considered to be an excellent Emperor by most historians. He seemed to be friendly, fair minded, and was even considerate to his enemies. Trajan even has a place in Christian history. In an exchange of written correspondence with Pliny the Younger we see the attitude of Trajan toward "Christians."

This is important because this is probably one of the earliest references of Christians in pagan literature. Trajan wrote to Pliny, who was the governor of Pontus and Bithynia for three years. Pliny had written to Trajan explaining to the emperor how he  handled the "Christians" in his provinces in Asia Minor. He informed Trajan that he required that they worship the Emperor and the Roman gods or they would face execution.  

Believe it or not Pliny's main question centered on the question of whether the order of execution be extended to children. Pliny also wondered if Christians could be allowed to worship "Christus" if they offered sacrifices to idols. Trajan gave the following instructions to Pliny:

"You observed proper procedure, my dear Pliny, in sifting the cases of those who had been denounced to you as Christians. For it is not possible to lay down a general rule to serve as a kind of fixed standard. They are not to be sought out, if they are denounced and proved guilty, they are to be punished with this reservation, that whoever denies that he is a Christian and really proves it--that is, by worshipping our gods--even though he was under suspicion in the past shall obtain pardon through repentance. But anonymously posted accusations ought to have no place in any prosecution. For this both a dangerous kind of precedent and out of keeping with the spirit of our age."

Trajan did not persecute Christians with the same fervency or violence as Domitian or other emperors. However, Trajan was responsible for the martyrdom of several believers including pastors of local churches. He was responsible for the deaths of Pastor Ignatius of Antioch and Pastor Simeon of Jerusalem.

What would such persecution do your faith?
How would persecution effect the American church?
Why does God test our faith? 

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BS11-003 Introduction to I John Part III

The Fruit of Fellowship with Christ
A Series on the Fruit, Benefit, and the Joy of Walking With Christ

“Introduction to the First Epistle of John”
(Part III)


Last time we were together we looked at three of four major anchor points in our foundation to this letter of the Apostle John.  

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Lessons Not On the Freshman Guide: Plans, Provision, and Promises

The church that I was saved in and "grew-up" in was a very evangelistic church. Pastor Larry Chappel was a missionary at heart and loved the lost. United Baptist Church had an outreach ministry to almost all of the Santa Clara Valley.

Consequentially, our church was not "big" on discipleship. Unfortunately it was easy to have an enormous zeal for the Lord and yet remain immature in a number of areas of the Christian life.

Therefore, I did not know what made up a mature Christian. I also did not know how God matures His children. All I knew was that I was on top of the world! I had surrendered to ministry, stepped out on faith, moved to a bible college, and was going to be prepared for the ministry, what ever that meant. I was giddy. Here I was a bible college student and a "preacher-boy." I figured God would roll out the red carpet where ever I went and what ever I needed would somehow be provided. I had no idea what I had signed up for. I did not know the height of my pride nor the depths that I would soon be plunged into in order to begin the process of maturity. I certainly had no idea that Philippians 1:29 was even in the bible.

Almost immediately my education began. The Lord in His wisdom knew that He needed to mature and stretch my faith. We were faced with three immediate challenges as a result. We had some lessons to learn. If we were going to lead, teach, feed, shepherd, and guard the precious sheep of our Lord Jesus Christ I had to have first, some rough edges "knocked off" and second, I had to learn the preciousness of my faith.

So, the first lesson I had to learn was: Man makes plan but God directs his steps.

Lesson #1 Plans

We can often make the best of plans but sometimes those plans fall apart. I had two plans fall apart on me as I registered for classes. I have driven to San Dimas and on to the campus on top of the world.

When I completed the college application I signed up for Veteran's Affairs Benefits for education. I was assured that those benefits would begin when my first semester began. I knew how much VA was going to kick in toward tuition and books and I registered accordingly. Let's say I planned on these benefits being available at registration.

Lesson number one, plans don't always work out they way you planned them

I arrived at the beautiful PCBBC campus and began the registration process. The school authorities had set up tables with huge numbers on them in a large building. The object was to start at table number one and work your way through the system until you were fully registered and you completed all necessary paperwork at the last table included in your learning path. For me the last table was to pick up my VA benefits check in order to  pay the enrollment fees.

I was not ready, mentally or Spiritually when I walked up to that table. You guessed it, the benefits were not there. Somehow my application and paperwork were no where to be found. The school said VA had it and VA said the school had it. It was liked getting kicked in the gut. I had to dig into family budget money designated for renting our first home or apartment in order to finish registering for that first semester.

How could God let this happen? He knew what day I was starting school and when I needed those benefits. You'd think a God who could create the earth from nothing could have a check waiting like it was suppose to be. Little did I know at that time - talk about being naive - that God sovereignly created needs in order to cause me to turn to him in trust and faith. I did not know that then.

The second lesson that I had to learn was: I am not dependent upon a job for provision, I depend upon God

Lesson # 2 Provision

Well, the day wasn't over yet. I finished the registration process and now it was time to head to the new job and check in. At least I had planned for that before I uprooted my family and moved some 340 miles. I was getting bored with the time off and I was ready  to go back to work.The way things were worked out with the schedule I had about two weeks from leaving the job in San Jose and starting the job in Los Angeles. I never gave it a thought. I enjoyed a two week "vacation" and waited to report to the new job.

I had become a security guard for California Plant Protection. They assured me that they had an office in Los Angeles and when I moved there in August I could transfer to that company and have a job waiting for me. I was in for another surprise when I checked in at the main office. Wait, wait, don't get ahead of me. But you're right. They had never heard of me and there was no job.

Now I was in an absolute, full blown panic. You were coming pretty close to seeing a 23 year old former Marine, husband, and father break down and cry. First, no VA benefits and now no job. I went "home" actually back to Irene's aunt and uncles home in Pomona devastated. I could not see how God could allow this to happen. How could this have been so miss-managed? I had my part all together, all my ducks were and actually had been lined up since I made the decision to surrender to His call. After all, it was His call that caused me to be there.

Let's stop here for a minute and catch our breath. You should probably know that there were a few things missing in my vocabulary and theological lunch bucket. What prey tell you ask? Wells, for starters things like the sovereignty of God, the process of sanctification, the means that God uses to develop faith, trials or testings, and you might as well throw in the entire book of James.

I really thought, well God you called me, so everything will fall into place. I didn't know that God would actually place me in a situation where I HAD to trust Him. I didn't know at that time how faith was developed or stretched.

The third, and by no means the final lesson: Families mean well but you can wear out your welcome

Lesson #3 Promises

We had driven down Fearnleaf Avenue to get to W. Parcels where Irene's aunt and uncle lived. Irene and I saw a gorgeous little house, with a chain-link fenced yard, and a Andy of Mayberry front porch that had a little sign in the yard: For rent- 220.00. Wow, I figured we could rent that for that price and so we excitedly rang the bell. Turns out that little white house with the fenced yard and porch wasn't for rent. The owners had taken their detached one car garage and turned it into a studio apartment. That was what was for rent for 220.00. What are you going to do? We needed to move out.

I told the folks about my college, my VA benefits that would be arriving any day and my transfer to California Plant Protection which should happen any day. They took our 220.00 and said move in. We had saved all we could and sold everything we could to have a little stash to tide us over. Well they dipped into that stash. It didn't take long to move some kitchen items and clothes and such. This little studio was furnished with a bed, couch, stove, refrigerator. Remember we didn't bring much in that UHaul tagging along behind that sun-burned little red Vega.

Wow, we had a home. My beautiful 24 year old wife had left an 1500 square foot three bedroom, two bath two car garage next door to her mom and dad for a one car garage behind a house in Pomona, California. She made that little garage a home for Shannon, Sonja and me. Things were tight. I remember Irene feeding this little family of 4 on just 8 dollars a week. We ate a lot of beans and macaroni and cheese. We could buy four boxes of macaroni for $1.00. Irene found a way to stretch a buck at the grocery store. It was tap water throughout the week and we got milk as a treat on the weekends.

The details are a little hazy some 33 years later but we lived in that little garage/studio for a couple of months. A spot opened in LA at California Plant Protection and they hired me. I would get up and drive to school in San Dimas from 8:00 until around noon and then head home to do homework. Then I would drive to LA for a swing shift tour from 4:00 PM until Midnight. We were settling in a routine. This schedule went on for a couple of months when two more major events threatened to interrupt our lives once again.

To Be Continued...

"Lessons Not On The Freshman Guide"  is the fourth installment in the series "The Metcalf's Walk of Faith." Stay tuned for the next installment entitled, "The Day the World Stopped Turning: On the Street and On Foot"

Saturday - "Walk of Faith..." Segments of Christian Testimony
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The A-Z Challenge!

Tossing It Out

To all my wonderful readers:

I will be participating in the Second Annual A-Z Challenge during the month of April. I was part of the first challenge and had an absolute ball. 

This means, first of all, that I will be interrupting our normal blogging schedule Monday through Saturday. Sunday in The Study will remain the same. 

Second, each day my posts will be related to the alphabet related to that day. For example on April 1st, my post will be related to the letter "A." We will do this until we reach the letter Z. 

Those who followed along last year know how fun this can be but also how challenging it is to match each letter of the alphabet to a meaningful post. Join us! Play along this year! 

This is hosted by our good friends:

Tossing It Out
Alex J Cavanuaugh
Talli Roland


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What Did You Read This Week?

Besides the Bible, what are you currently reading?

 Any good so far? Would you share some highlights?

And what did you read right before this? 

 Would you recommend it? Why? Why not?

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Dear Diary: I am His

From the Diary of

 Jonathan Edwards

Saturday - Jan 12, 1723

(In the morning)

I have, this day, solemnly renewed my baptismal covenant* and self-dedication [to God] which I renewed when I was taken into the communion of the church. I have been before God, and have given myself, all that I am and have, to God; so that I am not, in any respect, my own. I can challenge no right in this understanding, this will, these affections, which are in me. Neither have I any right to this body or any of its members. [Ro 6:12-14] - no right to this tongue, these hands, these feet; no right to these senses, these eyes, these ears, this smell, or this taste. I have given myself clear away, and not retained any thing as my own. I gave myself to God in my baptism, and I have been this morning to him and told him that I gave myself wholly to him. I have given every power to him; so that, for the future, I'll challenge no right in myself, in no respect whatever. I have expressly promised him; and I do now promise Almighty God, that by his grace I will not. I have told him this morning that I did take him for my whole portion and felicity [happiness.]

(In the evening)

This week, the weekly account rose higher than ordinary. It is suggested to me, that to constant a mortification, and too vigorous application to religion, may be prejudicial to health; but nevertheless, I will plainly feel it and experience it, before I cease on this account. It is no matter how much tired and weary I am, if my health is not impaired.

[Note: Edwards used the word "religion" in the sense of regular Christian activities. He did not imply what we think of stereo-typical and hypocritical religionists practicing ritualistic duties. Also note, even in 1723 someone told him that to much application of Godly things could harm his health. His reply, I don't want to impair my health, but I will not let weariness derail me from being obedient. God give us Christians like this.]

* Baptismal Covenant - a commitment of believer's lives to follow the example and teaching of Jesus. Some churches at baptism have the candidate enter into a covenant or vows as they are baptized. Some common questions asked of the candidate are: will you continue in the apostle's teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in the prayers; will you persevere in resisting evil and, whenever you fall into sin repent and return to the Lord; will you proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ; will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself, and etc.?


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Benefits of Every Kind!

Ephesians 1:3
εν παση ευλογια πνευματικη εν τοις επουρανιοις χριστω

"with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms [in] Christ..."

παση usually means "all," however because there is no article used with this word, it is properly translated as every. This translation emphasizes God's benefit to believers. God does not limit His blessing to His children; this literally speaks of "every kind of blessing." The blessings are specifically mentioned in verses 4-14. This blessings of every kind begin with God's election of the believer in the past and God's redemption of the believer in the present and in the future.

Remember our word ευλογια? It is related to the verb we have already shared with you. It carries the idea of "good speech or word." It can mean blessing or praise. It can also be used for prosperity or benefit. This is the case here where God, our Father, blesses us with great benefits.

These benefits are described as "spiritual." These blessings or benefits that God bestows on his children have their source in the Holy Spirit. This means that these benefits are supernatural. God has blessed or benefited His children with every spiritual benefit that is necessary for his or her spiritual well-being.

εν τοις επουρανιοις

" the heavenly realms..."

This phrase given by the Apostle Paul gives us more information on the source of our spiritual blessings. They are not only given to us by the Holy Spirit but they come from the heavenlies. This word was used in "classical Greek" for where the "gods" lived. In our common Greek or Koine Greek with which the bible was written it can be used as a synonym for God. The word can refer to God and to God's rule. Paul is telling the Ephesian believes that spiritual blessings come from the Holy Spirit and they come from God. But because our word is used in the neuter it may not necessarily be a reference to God as much as it is a reference to the heavens where God lives. Spiritual blessings of every kind come from the Holy Spirit but they also originate in heaven. The good news is that these spiritual blessings of every king which come originate in heaven and are given by the Holy Spirit are for the children of God's benefit and use now. The believer's life if conditioned by "things" that are from heaven. What this means is that the children of God have been "enriched" with every type or kind of Spiritual blessing that originated with God and applied by the Holy Spirit that is necessary for our spiritual well being.


" Christ."

G. Adolph Deissman in a herculean work determined that "in Christ" or similar occurred 164 times in Paul's epistles. This phrase speaks of an intimate fellowship of the child of God with the living person of Jesus Christ.  We cannot underestimate the significance of this little prepositional phrase. Let Deissman illustrate this;

"Just as the air of life which we breathe, is "in" us and fills us, and yet we at the same time live in this air and breathe it, so it is also with the Christ-intimacy of the apostle Paul: Christ in him, he in Christ." There is a definite union between the child of God and Jesus Christ. So, the believer, who is in Christ who is in heaven, is benefited by the spiritual benefits or blessings which originate in heaven.

Don't miss the impact that this truth would have had on the Ephesians believers. Remember, they had previously been worshippers of the goddess Dianna who was a god in a local sense, earth. They would not have had the concept of spiritual blessings originating in heaven where God lives. They associated in "benefit" that came from Dianna as originating locally in Ephesus from her image that represented her. Not so for the child of God - our benefits or blessings originate in heaven, from the presence of God and are applied by the Holy Spirit.

This is why God is to be "blessed" or praised - "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed, or benefited us..." God has given every spiritual blessing that we need to live as he commands and expects us to live. Now, keep in mind that although these blessings have been given, we must appropriate them. The reason we don't receive them or are actually benefited by them is not because God has stingily withheld them, but we do not appropriate them by faith. The problem is not with God but with the children of God.

The actual and specific benefits are given to us in verses 4-14 which we break down each Tuesday. God promised Israel material prosperity and even physical protection. He has not promised either of those things for the child of God in this age. God has promised every spiritual benefit for our entire spiritual well-being.

So Ask Yourself

Are you aware of the great spiritual blessings that God has benefited you with? Are you angry with God because you think he has either withheld or simply has not provided you with what you need to live victoriously and joyfully in this life? Are you appropriating by faith and prayer these marvelous benefits that originated with God and are applied by the Holy Spirit?

To be continued...
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Alex Cavanaugh's Top Ten Countdown - Music Blogfest

I cannot think of a challenge more difficult than this one. Since the Lousianna Hayride, Gand Ole Opry, Capitol Records, The Porter Wagoner Show, The Johnny Cash Show, songwriters like Hank Williams, Harlan Howard, Tom T Hall, producers like Billy Sherrill how can you pick just 10 all-time songs? As soon as I hit the publish button I know I will think of another 10 all time-songs. Well, here goes…

1.  I Am So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams

This song moves me by the amount of pain and agony Williams could emote from this song. The words are sad enough to make a rock cry and when you had his voice with the pathos he brought to this number you can feel just how lonesome he really is.

Hear that lonesome whiperwill
He sounds to blue to fly
the midnight train is whinning low
I'm so lonesome I could cry

2.  I Flew Over Our House Last Night - Keith Whitley

This Tom T. Hall-penned tune was one Keith rarely performed live. This was recorded during a tour of Holland he embarked on just weeks before his untimely death. Keith had developed quite a following in Europe, which started with his appearance at Wembley Stadium in London and the release of his debut single in the UK, "The Birmingham Turnaround."
Listen to the pain in Keith's voice and listen to that steel guitar - now that's good music, I don't care what you say.

That old Kentucky moon was shinin’ bright as day
The stars were twinklin’ in the milky way
the pilot said if you look close there’s Frankfort on the right
I flew over our house last night
Thirty thousand feet below me you were fast asleep
Thirty thousand feet above I almost stopped to weep
So close and yet so far away, so wrong and yet so right
I flew over our house last night

3.  The Cold Hard Truth - George Jones

Between the music and the golden voice of the First Man of Country Music, George Jones this song can rip your very heart out. Jones sings of a man who gets a visit from "The cold hard truth" when his relationship goes bad.

You Don't know who I am
but I know all about you
I've come to talk to you tonight
About the things I've seen you do.
I've come to set the record straight
I've come to shine the light on you
Let me introduce myself
I'm the cold hard truth.

4.  Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

This song is a classic that will live forever. Cash had wanted to do show and an album at Folsom for quite some time. His producers didn't think it was a good idea. Johnny perserved and decided to do it anyway so he took the theme from one of the first songs and hits he had and made a record that is still consider to be one of the most valuable pieces in American music. 

How can you not think about the lives of prisoners behind those walls when you hear Luther Perkins kick off the song with those opening notes?

In the lyrics, the jailed prisoner listens to the whistle of a train outside his cell and recounts his crimes ("I shot a man in Reno/just to watch him die"), imagines the free people inside the train ("They're probably drinking coffee and smoking big cigars") and dreams of what he would do if he were free. "I know I had it coming/I know I can't be free," sings the imprisoned man. "But those people keep a'moving/and that's what tortures me." Cash recounted how he came up with the "Reno" line: "I sat with my pen in my hand, trying to think up the worst reason a person could have for killing another person, and that's what came to mind.

5.  Where The Tall Grass Grows - George Jones

Again, no one since Hank Williams can put so much pain and longing in a song like the Possum.

There's three bedrooms, hardwood floors, and the kitchen's new
It's got everything a family needs with a backyard view
Ask anyone where it is, everybody knows
Who used to live where the tall grass grows
The couple who lived there before, they kept it up
But since they left that little yard looks a little rough
And God I miss that little boy who always kept it mowed
Wish they still lived here,where the tall grass grows

6.  He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones

"He Stopped Loving Her Today" is a song by George Jones that has been named in several surveys as the greatest country song of all time. It was a single on the album I Am What I Am. Released in 1980, the song was Jones's first No. 1 single in six years. Jones credits the song with reviving his flagging career, stating that "a four-decade career had been salvaged by a three-minute song." Jones earned the Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance in 1980. The Academy of Country Music awarded the song Single of the Year and Song of the Year in 1980. It also became the Country Music Association's Song of the Year in both 1980 and 1981. George didn't even want to do the song, he thought "that is was so d-- sad that it would never sell".

7.  To Cold At Home - Mark Chestnutt

This is Chestnutt's best work. This song is a classic and will pull at the heart strings of any person. Many can identify with the theme of the song - no matter how hot is anywhere else, sometimes it is just too cold at home!

Well it sure feels good to come in here, and just pull up a seat
A Frosty mug of a cool one helps to beat the heat
These old dog days of summer, Lord I'll be glad when they're gone
Too hot to fish, too hot for golf
And too cold at home

8.  Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Williams, Sr.

This song written and recorded by the  Hank Williams in 1952, but released after his death in 1953.  It is often considered one of his greatest songs, and one of the great songs of country music. The song is a slow blues ballad, telling an unfaithful lover of the guilt that she will feel for cheating on the singer.
The story goes that Williams was prompted to write the song when thinking about his first wife, Audrey Williams, while driving around with his second, Billie Jean Jones; she is supposed to have written down the lyrics for him in the passenger seat. Williams collaborated with Nashville songwriter Fred Rose to produce the song's final draft before recording the song in his last ever recording sessions, on September 23, 1952.  It was released the following year, shortly after he died, by MGM Records  and it occupied the No. 1 slot in the US country music chart for six weeks. Rolling Stone ranked it #213 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.
(Your cheatin' heart will tell on you)
Your cheatin' heart will make you weep
You'll cry and cry and try to sleep
But sleep won't come the whole night through
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you
When tears come down like falling rain
You'll toss around and call my name
You'll walk the floor the way
I do your cheatin' heart will tell on you
When tears come down...
Your cheatin' heart will tell on you

9.  Today I Started Loving You Again - Merle Haggard

Today I Started Loving You Again
I'm right back where I've really always been
I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend,
then Today I Started Loving You Again.

What a fool I was to think I could get by
With only these few million tears I've cried.
I should have known the worst was yet to come.
And that crying time for me had just begun.

'Cause Today I Started Loving You Again,

I'm right back where I've really always been;

I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend,

then Today I Started Loving You Again.

10.  Somebody Lied - Ricky Van Shelton

What a loss. Van Shelton was given a recording contract because of his tremendous talent and true country sound. The powers that be (those who committed murder on music row) wanted to "commercialize" him. After awhile he said no and walked away. He has a golden voice and the ability to break your heart with lyrics.

Yah, this is me
Lord, it's been a long, long time
I know this ain't no social call
so go ahead, get if off your mind
You heard what?
Well, it ain't true
I was here most all last nightI got over you the day you left
Could it be somebody lied?

Bonus Song Just For You!

11.  Haggard and Jones - Gregg Metcalf and Tim Watts

  For a long time I had wanted to write a tribute song to two of my most favorite singers, George Jones and Merle Haggard. I came with a title, concept, chorus and a couple verses but was stuck, not to mention I don't write music. I  was fortunate to come accross Tim Watts who not only had a great tune but polished my chorus and added his verses. Thanks to Tim Watts and his wonderful talent our song was the number two winner in a 1999 National Songwriters contest and recorded by Garry Johnson on UAR Records, Jerry Hanlon producer. I know you have heard me talk about it before. Yes, I am proud of it. 


He said
Haggard and Jones they’re the cure for the soul
When you think your life is spinning out of control
Son, your heart needs country-not rock and roll
Haggard and Jones are the cure for the soul
Just push B-11 or G-29
Let’s throw in some Hank and some old Patsy Cline
Sweet country music will be making you whole
Cause Haggard and Jones are the cure for the soul


1.  If we make Through December - Merle Haggard
2.  It's Crying Time Again - Buck Owens
3.  Hello Darling - Conway Twitty
4.  Cold Hard Facts of Life - Porter Wagoner
5.  Murder on Music Row - Alan Jackson
6.  I'm Gonna Hire a Wino (To decorate our home) - David Frizzel
7.  The Door - George Jones
8.  If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong, Do it Right - George Jones
9.  I'm Walking the Floor Over You - Ernest Tubb
10.  There Goes My Everything - Jack Greene
11.  Statue of a Fool - Jack Greene
12.  D I V O R C E - Tammy Wynette
13.  I'M A Honky Tonk Girl - Lorretta Lynn
14.  I Didn't Know God Made Honky Tonk Angels - Kitty Wells
15.  Blues Man - Hank Williams Jr. or Alan Jackson or George Jones
16.  Crazy - Patsy Cline
17.   Friends in low Places - Garth Brooks
18.   I Fall to Pieces - Patsy Cline
19.   Buck Owens - Act Naturally
20.  Easy Loving - Freddie Hart

Somebody stop me! Where do you quit?

Which song did you like the best? Why?

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We will resume our regularly scheduled programing tomorrow!