Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sunday's Scripture and Structure

Church: Here is the outline for this coming Lord's Day. Please read at least 10 times 1 John 3:10b-15 in preparation for the message.

2B  Sonship demands the practice of love (3:10b-24)

       1C  The Affirmation of Love (3:10b-15)

               1D  …by revealing your character (10b)

                2D … by remembering your command (11-13) 

                3D … by ratifying your conversion (14-15)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

O, Sing to the Lord a Brand New Song

Make a Joyful Noise to the LORD…  Psalm 98

O, Sing to the Lord a Brand New Song
 (Written by Gregg Metcalf, 2012)

O, sing to the Lord a brand new song
For he has done such marvelous things
Give praise, give praise ye holy throng
Soar to the heights with Celestial wings

The LORD has revealed His salvation
He has unveiled His righteousness
No longer hidden from any nation
He’s blazed a path in the wilderness

Make a joyful noise all the earth
Break forth with a joyful chorus
Sing of all his glorious worth
Of grace so vast and porous

Sing to him with flute and horn
With strings make a melody
From the elderly to newly born
Lift up your voice in ecstasy

Let the sea roar all its days
and the rivers clap their hands
let grassy hills send forth praise
from those dwelling in the land

The LORD comes to judge the earth
He comes to judge with all equity
To give each and all their very worth
Given Him by His Father’s authority 

O, sing to the Lord a brand new song
For he has done such marvelous things
Give praise, give praise all ye throngs
Soar to heights with Celestial wings

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Diary of a Pastor, Entry 4

It happened.  The one thing I fear each Sunday happened yesterday. I spend hours in preparation and study so that it doesn't happen. I know my subject inside and out hoping that it doesn't happen. I pray as often as I can, begging for mercy and grace to prevent it from happening. I acknowledge my absolute dependence upon God and His word in order for it not to happen.

But it did. It happened.

The service began normally and according to our custom. Nothing seemed to be different or out of the ordinary. Unless of course you count the privilege of gathering together with God's people in His presence to offer worship and praise to the God of this universe extraordinary. I do.

As I began to teach the word of God it seemed as if God was no where close to our zip code. You preachers know what I am talking about. You know when the Holy Spirit empowers God's word and when He doesn't. And yesterday, he doesn't. 

When this happens to me, and thank God it does not happen very often, I don't know what to do. Half of me feels like apologizing and shutting up and closing the service. The other half of me believes that these people came to hear from God and not me anyway, and His word will accomplish its divine purpose. 

I decided to fight through my empty and seemingly Spiritless exhortation of the word of God. I brought the message in total. I was never more thankful for the end of a service than I was yesterday.

This I know:

  • the message was well prepared
  • the message was biblical
  • the message was designed for God's glory 
  • the message was designed for His people's good
therefore I hold to these promises:

"So shall My word be that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to Me void. But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." (Isaiah 55:11, NKJV)

"And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness..." (2 Corinthians 12:9, NKJV)

"But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty..." (1 Corinthians 1:27)

Although I am weak and foolishness and merely an instrument, He is wise, powerful, strong, sufficient, and will accomplish His purpose with His word. Therefore, even thought the thing I fear the most happened yesterday (and it will happen again) I will continue as long as God allows to open God's word to His people and preach with confidence.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Test of Sonship Part 4

SERMON            GM14-025

SERIES:              The Christian Life Viewed as Sonship

SETTING:          North Kelso Baptist Church

SERVICE:          Sunday AM

SUBTITLE:        The Test of Sonship     (Part 4)

SCRIPTURE:     1 John 3:9-10a

SUBJ:                  The problems of Sonship (Theme/Topic)

SUMMARY:       I propose to you that as Sons of God believers do not                                       practice sin since it is incompatible with their Sonship


SCHEME:           That Christians rely on God as they resist the temptation to consistently sin against God. (Objective)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

When They Fire Those Guns For Me*

When they Fire those Guns For Me*
Gregg Metcalf
July 24, 2014

I went to a funeral the other day for a neighbor
He laid down his tools and finally quit his labor
They gussied him up about as good as he could be
But one thing they did sure impressed the heck out of me

You see when the service started it got all quiet like a tomb
You could of heard a pin drop anywhere in that big ole room
In marched a couple of soldiers sent by our dear Uncle Sam
And when they stopped at the casket was when it all began

Outside on the lawn stood soldiers that were straight as a rod
They came to give him a salute as an Army Rifle squad
The sergeant in charge gave the command to shoulder arms
They fired those guns to honor the one who’d bought the farm

So this made me think about when it came to be my time
To cash in my chips I sure hoped to me they’d be so kind
As to fire a 21 gun salute to honor my time in the Corps
Makes me wish I could hear the sound from those rifle bores

When they fire those guns for me I want them to be loud
And while you’re at it give everyone a gun in the crowd
Let’s throw a hoe-down when they fire those guns for me
And maybe once again I can be the life of the party

*This poem is based on a 21 gun salute given in honor of my former neighbor of seven years Gene Gartman who passed away on July 21, 2014. I attended his memorial service yesterday at the Robert Gray Baptist Church of Longview, WA. Please note, in this poem I have taken much literary license. I intend on writing a far more serious poem using the same title.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Real Purpose of Prayer

Prayer is not an exercise in changing God’s mind; prayer is a means of grace whereby God works necessary changes in our lives.

Gregg Metcalf,
North Kelso Baptist Church
Kelso, WA

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Diary of a Pastor, Entry 3

My heart is breaking for the condition of the church at large and for people who “call” themselves Christians. This week someone stated that they had picked up a copy of the movie Heaven for Real. I shuddered when I saw the various comments of support and validation of both the movie and the one who chose the movie.

I felt I needed to say something. There is something deep inside me that boils over when God’s word or His character is maligned. I also am concerned about those who say or think that they are God’s children. I have to say something.

What kind of person would I be if I knew that just two miles up the highway and around a sharp bend in the highway the bridge was washed out and I didn’t say anything to you? Wouldn’t I be a monster if I held my peace and said nothing while watching you drive towards immediate danger?

This is how I feel when I know someone is being deceived by the enemy. Regardless of how subtle, humble, or gentle my comment was, it was rejected. Not only rejected but actually ridiculed by those felt their experience of personal loss superseded years of schooling, study, and saturation of the word of God.

Many of the sheep have rejected the shepherd. That sad truth is they have not rejected the under-shepherds as much as they have actually rejected the chief shepherd. Admittedly there are many “shepherds” who have assumed the role without out having ever been gifted and appointed.

I am reminded of 1 Samuel 8:7 which says, “…for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.” (1 Samuel 8:8, NKJV). Now, I am not comparing myself to Samuel nor am I anything more than a man whom God called and has burdened with the care of the souls of His children. I know that God is not diminished in any way by those who reject biblical truth over personal experience.

I can’t help but weep for them. I pray for them. I thank God that for whatever reason He had, He has been gracious to keep me from rejecting His wisdom for the wisdom of this world. Thank God He sent His Spirit to give me life and caused me to be born again.

Even though Heaven is for Real is very minor in comparison to the great blasphemy of the anti-Christ’s that is at work now and the Apostle John said was working even in his day, I cannot help but feel grief. Small lies are not innocuous. Small foxes ruin the field or vines Solomon said.

I can’t stem this tide that is rolling over the church at large today. It still amazes me that Paul stated that error and false doctrine in the church has been ordained by God so that the truth would be made known. This is another reminder that God is God and I am not. One more reminder that His ways are not my ways. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How To Prepare for the Day

On occasion and just recently I was asked how I "do devotions."  I think what they were asking is how do I fellowship with God and prepare for the day on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that there are probably as many ways to "do devotions" or prepare for your day as there are available opinions in the church. I have tried various devotional plans over the years and I have experimented with each one of them. 

Without impugning motives, most of the devotional plans are little "traps" that fool us into thinking we have actually fellowshipped with God and accomplished something beneficial. Most devotional plans lead you unwittingly and unintentionally down the path toward Pharisee-ism. We have a tendency to put our confidence in a plan, or a program, or a process rather than a person.

No devotion plan will "change you" or make you more spiritual. Only God through the Holy Spirit and use of His word can make a difference in your life. It is a person not a process.

Having said that, let me share with you the "guide" or "out-line that I use to prepare myself for the day and to seek/maintain fellowship with God. I am not tied to this and I change it up now and then.

1.      Invocation

-take a deep breath
-rid myself of all distractions
- opening prayer inviting God to meet with me and to do a work in my hear

-I : incline my heart to the word (give me an eagerness for your Word)
-O : open my eyes to the wonderful truths/principles in your Word
-U : unite my heart into one unit that worships in fear and awe
-S : satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love

2.      Delight in the Word

-Psalm of the Day

3.      Confession of Sin

--Psalm 32
--Psalm 51
--1 John 1:8-2:6

4.      Scripture Reading of the Day

--Key Verse
--What Does God Say in this Passage?
--What are my thoughts?
--What do I need to do?
--What do I need to pray for?

5.      Prayer

-Adoration: what can I worship God for?
-Confession: what sin (s) do I need to confess?
-Thanksgiving: what can I thank God for?
-Supplication: what can I pray for?

6.      Sing Hymn (s)

7.      Benediction

-thank God for the fellowship
-ask God to help me remember the truth/principle/lesson
-ask God for strength to resist temptation & sin
-ask God for strength to be obedient & faithful today

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Ultimate Aim of Worship

The aim of our gathering today is to encourage, edify, and equip one another in our faith in order to continue to be faithful, holy, and obedient. The ultimate aim of God and the reason for the existence of this universe is to display the greatness of the character of God. Just as everything that God designed, displayed, divulged, deployed, and does is to reveal His character to the universe, everything that we do today through our gathering, singing, praying, teaching, encouraging, edifying, and equipping is to put on display the, magnificent, majestic, and marvelous character of our thrice Holy God.

Gregg Metcalf,
North Kelso Baptist Church
Kelso, WA

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Test of Sonship (Part 3)

I Do not know why it didn't copy into this post properly, please forgive the format problems. I don't know how to fix it.

SERMON            GM14-024

SERIES:              Christian Living in a World of Chaos & Contradiction

SETTING:          North Kelso Baptist Church

SERVICE:          Sunday AM

SUBTITLE:        The Test of Sonship     (Part 3)

SCRIPTURE:     1 John 3:4-8

SUBJ:                  The problems of Sonship (Theme/Topic)

SUMMARY:       I propose to you that as Sons of God believers do not                                       practice sin since it is incompatible with their Sonship


SCHEME:           That Christians rely on God as they resist the temptation to consistently sin against God. (Objective)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What Think Ye of Riches?

Riches are long in getting with much pains, hard in keeping with much care, quick in losing with more sorrow.

—Thomas Fuller

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Diary of a Pastor, Entry 2

(Page 1 – Entry 2)

Yesterday we gathered as a body in North Kelso. The aim of our gathering was to encourage, edify, and equip one another in our faith in order to continue faithful, holy, obedient, and active as we await our Lord’s return.

Though few in number we praised the name, nature, and works of God through singing, verbalization, and prayer. I can only trust that God was worshipped and honored by our offerings.

Our theme was “Sonship has its privileges.” We examined four of those infinite benefits or privileges of being the children of God:

·        As a Son, we are the children of God
·        As a Son, we shall be like God (Christ)
·        As a Son, we shall see God (Christ)
·        As a Son, we have a hope that purifies us

Ø Sonship designates believers as children of God
Ø Sonship develops believers in God’s likeness
Ø Sonship destines believers to see God
Ø Sonship demands believers to purify themselves

I can only trust God now and pray that the Holy Spirit will embed these truths in the hearts of God’s people for their comfort and encouragement.

“He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” (Psalms 126:6)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Test of Sonship (Part 2)

SERMON            GM14-023

SERIES:              Christian Living in a World of Chaos & Contradiction

SETTING:          North Kelso Baptist Church

SERVICE:          Sunday AM

SUBTITLE:        The Test of Sonship      (Part 2)

SCRIPTURE:     1 John 3:1-3

SUBJ:                  Sonship has its privileges

SUMMARY:       As Sons of God believers are the recipients of beneficial privileges.

SCHEME:           That Christians revel in the privilege of being a child of God.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Walking With God in a Strength Not Our Own

We are to humble ourselves to this,—that we address ourselves to the performance of the greatest duties, being fully persuaded that we have no strength for the least. This is that which lies so cross to flesh and blood, that our souls must be humbled to it if ever we are brought to it; and yet without this there is no walking with God.  

There are great and mighty duties to be performed in our walking with God in a way of gospel obedience: there is cutting off right hands, plucking out right eyes; denying, yea, comparatively, hating father, mother, and all relations ; dying for Christ, laying down our lives for the brethren ; crucifying the flesh, cutting short all earthly desires, keeping the body in subjection, bearing the cross, self-denial,and the like;—which, when they come to be put in practice, will be found to be great and mighty duties.  

This is required in the law of grace,—that we undertake and go through with these all our days, with a full assurance and persuasion that we have not strength of ourselves, or in ourselves, to perform the least of them.

 “We are not sufficient of ourselves,” saith the apostle, 2 Cor. 3:5. We cannot think a good thought. Without Christ we can do nothing,John 15:5.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Reasons to Not Sin

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on why we should not sin as Christians:

 It caused the death of Jesus Christ, our savior 

2. It always breaks fellowship with God. 

3. It is utterly inconsistent with our profession of faith. 

4. It always leads to an evil conscience. 

5. It will lead to doubt and uncertainty of your relationship to God. 

6. It always leads ultimately to a sense of utter hopelessness.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Do You View God as your Father?

"You sum up the whole of New Testament teaching in a single phrase, if you speak of it as a revelation of the Fatherhood of the holy Creator. In the same way, you sum up the whole of New Testament religion if you describe it as the knowledge of God as one's holy Father.

"If you want to judge how well a person understands Christianity, find out how much he makes of the thought of being God's child, and having God as his Father. If this is not the thought that prompts and controls his worship and prayers and his whole outlook on life, it means that he does not understand Christianity very well at all."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

From the Pastor's Heart...

The Diary of a Pastor

(Page 1 - Entry 1)

Sunday has come and gone. An entire week of preparation and prayer had gone into the message. Now, the service is over and all that is left is the fear, the wonder, the doubt, the hopes, and faith.

The message had a specific subject, in other words, it was about something specific. The message had a definite purpose. I didn't just "phone it in." I put my heart and soul in the preparation and the delivery.

All I can do now is trust God to quell my fears that His people may have missed the main point of the message. I can only pray that God will overcome my doubts of whether I was clear and precise. I can only hope and have faith that the Holy Spirit will supersede my inadequacies and use the Word to do a work of grace in the hearts of God's people.

Mondays and Tuesdays are rough! Can I love these people any more? Can I hope for them and want any more than I do now for their passion for God? Could I have said anything more that would increase their delight in their God?

"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (Isaiah 55:11)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Epaphras: An Effective Envoy

Acts 28:16 says, “…when we came to Rome, Paul was allowed to stay by himself, with the soldier that guarded him.” Acts 28:30 says, “He (Paul) lived there two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.

 During his trial in Caesarea by Festus Paul appealed his case to the Emperor Nero in Rome. After a long and arduous voyage which included a devastating shipwreck on the Island of Malta Paul arrived at Rome and was placed under house-arrest in a home he rented. He was allowed to minister and entertain those who came and went.

A man influenced by Paul came to him for help.. This man was named Epaphras. Epaphras is not a well-known figure in history. We discover by reading the things recorded for us in the Scriptures particularly by the Apostle Paul  that Epaphras was a pastor who was faithful to his Lord.

Epaphras was the pastor of the church at Colosse, or as I would like to think it was called the Colosse Bible Church. It is quite possible that Epaphras was responsible for one or more of the several churches in what we know as the Lycus Valley in Asia Minor.

First, we need to state that we have absolutely no information on who founded the churches in the Lycus Valley. We do not know who started or began the church in Colosse, Laodicea, Heirapolis, Patmos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Pergamum, or Smyrna.

We know that Paul did not found the church at Colosse. Paul identifies Epaphras as a Colossian (4:12) and that Epaphras was an "envoy" commissioned by the other churches in the valley (4:13) to see Paul. Paul stated that the Colossian church heard the word of God from Epaphras (1:7.)

Epaphras probably met Paul in Ephesus when Paul was preaching and teaching. He became a student of Paul and then an able minister. Epaphras probably left Ephesus and went back to the Lycus Valley and preached the gospel resulting in the founding of at least the Colossian church. Epaphras probably began this church some seven to ten years prior to Paul writing this letter, around AD 53-55.

When we read the letter to Philemon we discover that Epaphras was a fellow-prisoner of Paul, verse 23. We do not have any details of his arrest. Apparently for some reason unknown to us Epaphras was placed under house arrest with the Apostle Paul.

What do we know of this Epaphras? He is mentioned four times in the New Testament. What we do know of him comes to us from Philemon 23; Colossians 1:7, 4:12, 13.

First, Epaphras was a preacher and teacher of the Lord Jesus Christ. (1:5,6) The gospel had come to Colosse. Epaphras taught the gospel in Colosse.

Second, Epaphras was a co-laborer with Paull. (1:7) Paul and Epaphras were harvesters in the same harvest. They served Christ together - yes in different fields, but they both preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Third, Epaphras was considered a faithful servant or worker for Jesus Christ. (1:7, 4:12) Faithfulness is a wonderful attribute and a magnificent way to be thought of or summarized by.

Fourth, Epaphras loved his people and missed them greatly. (4:12) Even in Paul's letter he had to say something to them, he had to greet them. He wanted to encourage his people and let them know he was OK.

Fifth, Epaphras was careful for his people.  (4:12) He prayed for his people and was concerned about the spiritual warfare he knew they were facing back home. He was gone from them and couldn't be there to watch, help, minister, and to protect his beloved people. Epaphras prayed diligently for his people as he prayed for their spiritual well being.

Sixth, Epaphras was a man of zeal for his people. (4:13) Epaphras was very zealous for the people at Colosse, Laodicea, and Hierapolis. Epaphras was quiet spunky. As a matter of fact the word used in our text is αγωνιζομαι (ag-o-nid’-zom-ahee) It means to fight or to strive fervently. It was used for contestants who contended or fought in gymnastic games. He loved his people and was very mindful of the spiritual warfare that his people were engaged in and he contended for his people.

Seventh, Epaphras was a man who knew when he was out of his league. At some point in his ministry false teachers invaded his church and the churches in the Lycus Valley and brought into the church damnable doctrines of demons. The teachers and teaching were beyond his abilities to deal with them. Epaphras having somehow heard that Paul was in prison in Rome traveled from Colosse to Rome to share with Paul the dangerous teaching that was molesting his people.

Paul had already had an encounter with a runaway slave from Colosse by the name of Onesimus.  How and why this slave named Onesimus and Paul were brought together is unknown to us. However, we do know that at least one reason God sovereignly arranged this meeting with Onesimus and the Apostle Paul. Onesimus had become a believer.Imagine that, you and I will spend eternity in heaven with a runaway slave who stole from his master and yet was graciously redeemed by our heavenly Father!

Paul wanted to keep Onesimus with him and more than likely train and disciple him. But he knew that Onesimus was the rightful property of Philemon. Paul wrote Philemon a letter asking him to receive this slave, not merely as a runaway slave, but to receive him as a brother in Christ. Paul was sending Onesimus and Tychicus to Collose with this letter to Philemon.

Paul decided to write a letter to the church of Colosse addressing the issues that Epaphras had shared with him. Paul wants these believers to ignore these false teachers and teachings and to press on to maturity in Christ by continuing in their battle against sin, pursing holiness, and learning to live distinctively as Christians. Paul intended for Tychicus to take this letter and deliver it to the Colossians. By the way, since Onesimus and Tychicus had to travel through Ephesus to get to Colosse, Paul decided to write to the church at Ephesus and to the other churches in the Lycus Valley.

Epaphras, a great pastor who loved his people dearly came to Paul for help. He needed help to defeat dangerously deceptive and destructive false teachings that plagued his dear people. Paul, under house arrest and able to receive all those who came to him, received Epaphras and ministered to him. For some unknown reason Epaphras was arrested and placed under house arrest with Paul. Paul decides to send Tychicus, his companion to Colosse with a letter dealing with these demonic doctrines.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Christian Life Viewed As Sonship (Part 1)

SERMON            GM14-022

SERIES:              Christian Living in a World of Chaos & Contradiction

SETTING:          North Kelso Baptist Church

SERVICE:          Sunday AM

SUBTITLE:        The Christian Life Viewed as Sonship      (Part 1)

SCRIPTURE:     1 John 2:28-4:6

SUBJ:                  The evidence of Sonship

SUMMARY:       The claim of being a son of God is supported by specific evidence

SCHEME:           That Christians evaluate the evidence for their claim of being a child of God.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Jerry Bridges on Imputation and Righteousness

It is important to realize that our Lord Jesus Christ perfectly fulfilled the law of God, both in its requirements and its penalty. He did what Adam failed to do render perfect obedience to the law of God. Then by His death He completely paid the penalty of a broken law. So, from the standpoint of obedience to the law and of paying the penalty for breaking the law, He perfectly fulfilled the law of God.

Therefore when God justifies us, or declares us righteous, He does not create some sort of legal fiction, calling something righteous that is not. Rather, He declares us righteous on the basis of the real, accomplished righteousness of Jesus Christ, which is imputed or credited to us through faith.

~ Jerry Bridges, 
The Discipline of Grace: God’s Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Careful Elton John, Your Ignorance is Showing

I never thought I would write about Elton John in my blog. Since the singer has made news this last couple of days I find that I am compelled to set the record straight. Pity that Mr. John won’t get a chance to read this blog. I can’t help but believe he would be extremely enlightened and benefited if he were so privileged.

It should come as no surprise that most people who speak on biblical issues who have not, read the bible, nor studied an issue in its proper context. The singer may have read the bible at one time or many times. I am certainly not privy to his habits. However, since he does not possess the Holy Spirit he has no “unction” or “anointing” within him to teach and convict him of what is truth or what is lies.

I take issue with his comment, “If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen,” John said. “He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and trying to bring people together. And that is what the Church should be about.”

First of all, he is obviously ignorant of the fact that Jesus Christ is alive today. He is alive and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

Second, Jesus Christ was not just a person, nor was he just a great person. He is both man and God. John has no idea of what theological necessity the hypo-static union of the God-man is.

Third, God is love, and as God and as perfect man, Jesus Christ revealed perfect love. What Mr. Elton John does not know is that the perfect love revealed by Christ, spoken of by Christ, taught by Christ, and exemplified does not nullify sin but loves in spite of sin. This great love also includes the plan and the means of satisfying the wrath of God against sin. This love Mr. John is so fond of and relies upon to justify his sin is not a love that after finding a man in sin, leaves a man in that sin.

Fourth, it was God the Father that determined homosexuality to be a sin. As God’s Son, the perfect God-man would never violate the character, nature, and standards of His Holy Father. Therefore, as Jesus demonstrated His love by His sacrificial death, He never contradicted the will and the standards of God.

The love of God, the compassion of God, and the forgiveness of God is available to those who repent of their sin. It is not available to those who want to remain in their sin. It is not available to those who want to “legitimize,” “legalize,” or “liberalize sin.”

Finally, the true church is compassionate, loving, and forgiving. However, all that the church is in these things, they are so in their proper context. The true church is all about magnifying, revealing, and imitating the Holy character of God. The true church is not about bringing people together in their sin.

Sorry, Mr. Elton John, you are patently incorrect in your understanding of the God-man Jesus Christ. I implore you to reject the philosophy of this world, repent of your sin, and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and cry out for forgiveness. Otherwise, you will discover both the truth and the reality of your ignorance at the Great White Throne Judgment.