Friday, December 9, 2011

Answers to the Pop Quiz

How did you do? What did you learn? Here are the answers:

1.  Either Jeremiah or a number of unknown authors over several years.

2.  "Greetings O favored one, the Lord is with you!" (Luke 1:28, ESV)

3.  Theophilus, a ranking Roman official.

4.  Tarsish.  (Jonah 1:3)

5.  176.  (Psalms 119)

6.  John Mark, Barnaba's Nephew. (Acts 13:13)

7.  The Apostle Paul was stoned, dragged out of the city and left for dead. (Acts 14:19)

8.  Approximately AD 90-95

9.  This phrase is not found anywhere in Scripture.

10.  Paul's traveling companions:  Aquila, Priscilla, Aristarchus, Barnabas, Epaphras, Gaius, Justus, Luke, John Mark, Secundas, Silas, Sopater, Tertius, Timothy, Titus, Trophimus, Tychicus


pstrlem said...

I think I got 6 right...that's if I can

Better than 50% anyway

Arlee Bird said...

I got 8 and 9 right and 2 of the traveling companions.

A couple others were on the edge of my brain but I couldn't think of them.

I need to get back to the Bible and retain more.

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Sorry Lee, I am ashamed I didn't get any right,


J Curtis said...

Do over! Do over! But with different questions ;-)