Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top Ten Television/Movie Truths? #8

Periodically I am listing my version of a David Letterman’s “Top Ten List” for the most profound, however worldly, truths or quotes from a television show or movie. These truths are certainly nothing to shape or guide your world view. I just find them profound in and of themselves. I do not endorse these as programs or movies that have any redeeming qualities and you must use discretion if you choose to watch any of them. I just find certain lines fascinating for various reasons.

# 10 – “Cat-Heaven is a wonderful place, but you don’t get there if you are euthanized.” (Angela Martin, “The Office, Season 4 – Episode 1)

# 9 – “There are over six billion people in the world…sometimes all you need is one.” (From a narration in One Tree Hill, Season Three – Episode 2)

Number Eight profound Top Ten Television/Movie Truth:

When Jenny and Forrest are walking up the dirt road towards Jenny’s childhood home, she becomes overwhelmed by the memories of the past.

As the memories of her alcoholic father and the sexual abuse she endured by him floods her mind, the bitter anger and hurt explodes. At first she threw her shoes which she had been carrying at the broken down relic that use to be her home.

She then began to pick up rocks and throw them at the house with all of the strength that her fury could muster. She continued to throw rocks at those memories until she fell to the ground in exhaustion and tears.

Forest stood silently by watching her vent her anger and her hurt. As Forest watched her throw her final rock and collapse into a pitiful crying heap, he sat down beside her and quietly commented:

# 8 – “Sometimes there just ain’t enough rocks.” (Forrest Gump in the movie Forest Gump)


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I can imagine how she must have felt, perhaps you didn't know Gregg my daughter was abused by a family friend when she was nine.
The man was given 1 months imprisonment, my daughter wasn't the only one a few of her friends were victims. The man many years later committed suicide but my daughter has suffered throuthout her life.....she is 40 this year but the memory is still there.


Kansas Bob said...

Love Forest Gump! One of my favorite movies.

Petra said...

One of my favorite movies. Forrest had many great insights!