Friday, May 4, 2012

The Complete Works of Stephen Charnock

They're finally here!
The complete works (Five volume set) of Stephen Charnock have arrived via the USPS!

Stephen Charnock was born in London in 1628. Charnock studied at Emmanuel College in Cambridge. It was here at college he was actually converted to Christ. He began preaching at Southwark. Charnock continues his studies at Oxford where he became first a Fellow of New College and then Senior Proctor.

Charnock served in Ireland as a chaplain to Governor Henry Cromwell and became a very popular preacher. Charnock returned to London in 1660 where he spent time in study and ministering privately until 1675. It was at this time that Charnock began a shared pastorate with Thomas Watson at Crosby Hall, Bishopsgate. Charnock died at 52 years old in 1680.

The quote:  "It is a sad thing to be Christians at supper, heathens in our shops, and devils in our closets." (In case you can't or have difficulty reading it.)

I am going to suspend all my current reading, other than the bible, until I have finished this five volume, 2800 page works. I have decided to begin reading Volume three (3) and then move into Volumes four (4) and five (5) since they include a number of discourses. Charnock begins volume three (3) with four (4) chapters on regeneration. This is a topic which has captured my mind and thinking for the last several months. After completing the nineteen (19) chapters in volume five (5) I will read volumes one (1) and two (2) which deal with the "existence and attributes of God."


Persis said...

2800 pages? Wow. I've read excerpts from his "existence and attributes of God" which were great.

Happy reading, Gregg!

Trisha said...

Wow, Gregg. That will keep you busy! I have his Existence and Attributes of God but haven't made my way through it, yet.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

That's quite a few pages Gregg.
I know Cambridge.....went there many years ago.

Have a good week-end.

Leslie Wolf said...

Whoa! I thought that I was brave for reading through the "Institutes"! You rock Gregg! I look forward to reading your future posts on this project.

Alex said...

How far are you? Iam at page 63 of Vol I =))).