Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: George Whitefield, Vol. 2

Title:  George Whitefield, Vol. 2
Author:  Arnold Dallimore
First Copy Right:  1970

Type of Book:  Hardback

General Subject:  Biographical
Price:  $29.57
ISBN:  978-0-85151-026-2

The purpose of Volume Two is to trace the period of 1741-1770. This period covers the doctrinal conflict of Whitefield with the Wesleys and the serious division within the Methodist rank and file. This volume also includes Whitefield’s marriage and death of his son in infancy.

The theme and thesis remain the same in this volume as it was in volume one. Dallimore continues to develop both his theme and thesis by his in depth narration of the salient events in the life of Whitefield in a chronological order. Dallimore is a master story teller and relates these events in Whitefield’s life in such a way that holds the attention of the reader.

Again, Volume Two is an extremely interesting book, painstakingly researched, and accurately presented. Volume Two is just as important as Volume One was. Volume Two completes the life and ministry of this great man of God. It is just as complementative to Volume One as Eve was to Adam.

In Volume One Dallimore recorded for us the beginnings of doctrinal differences between Wesley (John) and Whitefield. Volume Two opens with the actual differences that brought about the controversy and the separation. Volume two continues with the story of the ministry of Whitefield in England, Scotland, and New England.

Another topic with Dallimore handles with care and detail is the event known as “The Great Awakening.” Dallimore details the effect of the “awakening,” the problems that developed from it, and the general attitude of those contemporary with the revival.

The value of Volume Two lies in the summary Dallimore gives of the inner man of George Whitefield. Dallimore entitles this summary and final chapter, “The Measure of the Man.” Dallimore has not been content with just telling us the outward actions of Whitefield, but he wants us to know him through his motives, aims, and desires. This gives the reader a healthy look into the heart and soul of this man. Dallimore is not afraid to share with us the faults of Whitefield. As Dallimore summarizes Whitefield it is not just a one sided summary of all of his good points and accomplishments.

Dallimore includes in this summary of Whitefield the question of “What is Whitefield’s place upon the field of history? Dallimore supplies three well thought out answers to this question.

Volume Two includes an extensive bibliography and index. It also contains footnotes throughout the entire volume.

George Whitefield is a massive two volume, 1135 page biography of one of the greatest men of God to have ever lived. Dallimore has done an excellent job in trying to define, describe, and develop this great man of God. I highly recommend this biography to any true student of the word, of mankind, of God, and of the work of God in the awakening of dead sinners to the newness of life.



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A better, more researched book on Whitefield cannot be found. This book humbles and encourages the reader. Worth every penny spent!