Friday, May 25, 2012

Great News! It's Portage Park!

After nearly a year of having resigned the pulpit of Creekside Baptist Church of Scappoose, OR, and moving to Chicago, Illinois, my good friend, fellow pastor, and fellow blogger has narrowed the field down to a probable area of missionary work as he seeks to plant a disciple-making oriented body of believers!

After nearly a year of praying, researching, boots on the ground, conversing with other pastors, congregants, and Chicago citizens Josh and Erin have tentatively selected the Portage Park area of northwest Chicago. Please continue to pray for them as they prepare to move to this area and as they put together an intentional, relationship oriented, and strategic plan to plant a work that will first, magnify the glorious character of our Lord Jesus Christ, and second, be a tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit to apply the finished work of the cross in the lives of numerous Chicagoans to the glory of God, and may they be an example of God’s handiwork to the churches that currently exist.

By the way, they are expecting their first baby! Erin is due in January of 2013. Visit Josh’s blog at, or his web site at and visit his Face Book page at

Please add them to your prayer list and seriously consider adding them to your personal missionary support. Would one of my readers begin supporting them? You can give to God’s extension of His church in Chicago via Josh’s website.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

I will support him Gregg.


Josh Litton said...


Somehow I did not see this post until you mentioned it to me!

Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to reference us. It is a blessing to have your encouragement.

Again, thanks!