Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember Those Who Serve and Served

Thank You!

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Brian Ray Todd said...

Pastor Greg, As I see this Memorial Day post, I am reminded of, not only the service of so many, and the sacrifice of many of those who served, that we depend on for the establishment and sustaining of "Freedom & Liberty" in America, which I am eternally grateful. But I see an additional message, in that God commanded His people to set aside special annual days to specifically remember and celebrate the mighty works for His hand in the service that they depended upon of deliverance, establishment & sustaining for their "Freedom & Liberty", and to us today, knowing that through God's Plan of Salvation, we are delivered from sin, death & eternal damnation because He sent His Son Jesus Christ to set us free by His grace alone, and our faith alone (which is a gift). Through the Lord, who establishes & sustains, we have "Liberty". God bless those who sustain our "Freedom". Thank you for your simple post that calls for us to dig down deep and reflect on our "Liberty" and where it comes from.