Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where Is Your Storm?

"He made the storm be still, and
  the waves of the sea were hushed."
(Psalms 107:29 ESV)

I can't imagine what it must have been like for the disciples as they fought to keep their boat upright and heading into the wind when that great storm overtook them. The Scriptures record for us that the boat was being "swamped." The Greek means the water had "covered" or "hidden" the boat. I can't imagine the amount of water that would have to come over the sides of that boat to "hide" it from view. Needless, to say, the boat was in danger of sinking and the disciples believed that they were in the process of dieing.

In their fear and panic the disciples turned to Jesus. Jesus rebuked, or he censured sharply, the winds and the sea. Then the Bible says, "there arose a great calm." Of course, the disciples marveled at such a man that could command the winds and the seas.

I would love to tell you when a storm begins to swamp your boat and that after a call to Jesus the storm turns to a great calm. In some cases that very well may happen. There is no doubt that our Lord can make the storm be still and the waves of the sea be hushed. He is after all the same today as He was yesterday!

More often than not, rather than calm the storm outside of your boat, He will calm the storm inside the boat. You are not to be anxious or worried about anything. In every situation, every need, every storm you are to make your needs known to Him. You are to pray, with thanksgiving, and let Him know your requests. Then the peace of God - the stilling of the storm, the hushing of the waves will by His peace guard or protect your hearts and minds. He will ride the raging storm out with you while giving you absolute peace.

The layoff will still be real, the foreclosure won't go away, or the cancer may still be eating away at your physical life, but God's peace rules your minds and your hearts. Someone once said, "Why pray when you can worry?" Dear one, where is your storm? Outside of the boat or inside the boat? Trust Him - He created the storm, it must obey Him.

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Lisa said...

AMEN! I have read and put into practice that verse MANY times. The storms of life are raging right now, but with God at the helm, I have no need to fear. I lean on His promises and gain strength for my day, everyday. Thanks for this lovely reminder!