Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Would You Like To Have Taught?

Can you help a brother out?

I am in the process of putting together both a preaching plan and a small group bible study plan for next year. I like to determine, by God’s grace and leading of the Holy Spirit what I am going to teach in order to plan and prepare properly.

Knowing what I will be studying enables me to listen to folks around me to see how I can draw application and benefit to them. It helps me to collect illustrations, read reference material and dig deep into helpful material. Then when the time comes I do the “trench work” of Greek study, historical study, and the contextual study.

So, an idea hit me. No, it wasn’t that I needed a V8 fruit drink, but close. I thought I would ask you what you would like to have taught in a small group study. What subject, topic, book, or theological concept would you pick to be taught if you had the opportunity? Are there theological concepts that you are still grappling with? Are there passages that you haven’t made sense of yet? Or, this is always tricky, what do you think people need to hear?

If you would be so kind, share with us what you would choose if you could and then a couple of sentences as to why. There has been too many times in the past where I have thought I knew what was needed and in reality something else might have been closer to what the doctor ordered.

So, don’t be shy, step right up!


Eddie Eddings said...

The Book of Judges!

AL said...

Our men's group is currently studying Focus on the Family's "Truth Project" by Del Tackett. It's a really good, in depth study of the Christian worldview.

We're only halfway through it, but it goes through subjects such as "Who is God?", "Who is Man?" "What is Truth?" "Science" and "Philosophy". Any one of those subjects would be a great study.

We also have a class on apologetics going on at church, and it seems to be very popular. I would have gone to that one, but I'm co-leading another class that conflicts with the time schedule. Maybe I can get into that one next time.

J Curtis said...

Apologetics, apologetics and more apologetics. Not only is it interesting to the instructor and student alike, the world needs more of it as Christianity comes under attack with greater frequency.