Sunday, February 19, 2012

--Without me, saith Christ, you can do nothing; neither without him can we endure any thing. And he only can support the sinking soul under the most smarting troubles and heavy oppressions.

--We may safely sail through Christ's blood into the bosom of the Father.

--Truth, not words, feeds the soul: and I much rather desire, in my ministry, to profit, than to please, my auditory.

--Former failings bewailed, shall not interrupt the course of future kindness.

Simeon Ashe

 (died 1662) was an English nonconformist clergyman, a member of the Westminster Assembly and chaplain to the Parliamentary leader Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Manchester.)


Larri said...

And the people shouted, "AMEN!" ☺ Happy Sunday, Gregg.

mikew116 said...

True and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

L said...

Great quotes.