Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ode To Uriah

I  read II Samuel 11 Sunday morning during my devotion. A former professor of mine always referred to this as the "black chapter" of David's life. It is amazing to me that God would inspire the bible writer to include all the ugly warts of God's children including this ugly event in David's life. Had man written the bible apart from any influence of God, we probably would have left out the warts. As I meditated on this chapter this poem came to mind.

Ode to Uriah
Gregg Metcalf
February 5th, 2012

Uriah was a valiant man
who served David well
He fought like a wild man
And many an enemy fell

Uriah was a married man
He had a beautiful wife
One day David saw her
and forever changed her life

David sent for this woman
Who bathed on the roof top
Her beauty was spell binding
David never thought to stop

He laid down with this woman
who did not belong to him
While her husband fought bravely
David commited this great sin 

The woman went back to her home
She returned to what was her life
Soon she knew she was pregnant
Although she was Uriah’s wife

So she sent word to David
That a baby was near
David thought long and hard
And soon David had an idea

He sent for Uriah that day
Come home Uriah for a bit of rest
Go home Uriah go see your wife
 Uriah returned at David’s behest

Uriah was a remarkable man
He didn’t go home he didn’t yield
He stayed with the soldiers 
He slept with them in the field

David by now was a little upset
He ate with Uriah and gave him wine
Now his great sin would be covered
Surely Uriah would go home this time

When the sun went down that night
Uriah didn’t go home  like the plan
He laid on the couch of David his lord
Uriah was a remarkable man

So David plotted to take his life
Uriah must die to cover David’s sin
No one must know what David had done
He knew how to get rid of him

He told Joab his general  in charge
Place Uriah where the battle was hot
Let the enemy advance to the place
Where they could get a clear shot

So Joab did as His King did command
Uriah was placed in the thick of the fight
The men were ordered to retreat
The enemy overpowered him with might

Joab sent word back to David the King
Uriah the Hittite is among all the dead
David told the general that it was ok
Overthrow the city and do not dread

Bathsheba heard her husband had died
She mourned him for a little spell
David sent for her to come and live with him
OH Uriah you served David well


Alice said...

This sin of David's gives me hope. This wasn't just a minor indiscretion, but a low-down dirty premeditated scheming thing.

God is merciful...and I hope Uriah found His way Home as well.

Larri said...

Love how you put this terrible chapter of David's life into an easy-to-understand context. I'm thankful for a God who gives us grace no matter the sin. He views it all the same and graces us with His forgiveness. Happy Wednesday!


This was not an easy ode to write Gregg, but you did it excellently with the message coming over,


Scott said...

Always saw Uriah as an "unsung" hero. Guess he's been "sung" now! Good job. And yes, aren't we all glad God shows us that ALL His servants have been flawed. Gives us great hope.

J Curtis said...


I gave you a shout out in today's entry. ;-)

Persis said...

Uriah indeed was an honorable man.

But God was merciful to David and granted repentance, which is my story too.