Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Time to Play - Name That Heretic!

Do You Know, Your Heretics?

In the 5th century I entered into a debate that centered on the relationship between human nature after the fall and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believed that people could reform their own behavior and live lives as morally good citizens.

I also rejected the doctrine of original sin, substitutionary atonement, and justification by faith. I heavily emphasized unconditional free will and the ability to better oneself spiritually without grace. 

I taught that human beings are born with a clean slate and only through voluntary sin do they become wicked. You could live perfect and sinless life and even merit heaven if you wanted to.

Even though I was rejected and my "error" was deemed heretical in 416 by the Council of Carthage you can still find most of my heretical teachings widely accepted and taught in fundamental/evangelical churches today.

Who am I? 
Do you know your heretics?

It' is time to play - name that heretic!


Persis said...


jean said...

Yeah, I think it's Pelagius, too. I believe I learned about him from the Ligonier Ministries of R.C. Sproul.

Eddie Eddings said...

I was going to say Pegasus, the flying horse...but, now I think I'm very very wrong.


I have no idea Gregg but as I have jet lag perhaps I can be excused.

Have a good day.

Petra said...

Bwahaha, Eddie! Thanks for the laugh! I think Persis is right. (Of course I cheated and googled the guy.)

IanH said...

History was not my strong point. Need more clues.

John Patrick Donovan said...

Pegasus is the correct answer, I think he was scotish by birth. but a heretic for shore.

mikew116 said...

Pelagius. No question.