Friday, February 3, 2012

In The Cradle

In The Cradle
Gregg Metcalf
(February 3, 2012)

I extend my apologies to Mac (Scott) Davis who wrote both the words and music to the song this little ditty is based upon, In The Ghetto. I also apologize to Elvis Presley who recorded it in 1969 as a comeback hit - his first in over four years.

This song was originally entitled In the Ghetto (The Vicious Circle). Elvis's promoters pushed to have Davis drop the subtitle before they pitched it to Elvis.

 I am reflecting on my 57th birthday today and figured if I were to ever have a song written about my life, I would probably be the only one to think of it. So here goes:

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Ohio night 
A brand new baby boy arrives 
In the cradle

And his mama cries
Cause there’s one thing that’s made her plead
It’s a little bundle of joy from daddy’s seed
In the cradle

Pro-choicer’s don’t you understand
He’s a gift from God’s own hand
He’ll grow to be a man of God one day
Give thanks for God’s grace
As we look upon his face
We cannot simply turn our heads

And fail to see
God’s plan for him
And a brand new baby boy with rosie cheeks
Lies next to his mother tucked in the sheets
In the cradle

And his faith is large
So he starts to preach the holy writ
And he learns how to pray
And he learns how to worship
From the cradle

Then one night with expectation
A young man makes a way
He buys a ring, asks the girl
Will she now share his world
And his mother cries

As a crowd gathers round a happy couple
They all know this family one day will double
In the cradle 

As this young couple waits
On a warm and blue California morn
Another little baby child is born
In the cradle
And her mamma cries



Happy birthday Gregg sorry for being late, hope you've had a wonderful day.
Loved the alternative words, they are just great.


Alice said...

Happy Birthday Gregg!