Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Ten To do List for Theophilus

Tuesday with Theophilus...

10.  Write thank you letter to Vitellius for appointment as a Roman official

9.  Send fruit basket to Suetonius for the great story of my appointment in the Roman Reporter

8.  Tell Momma I can't make Thursday night cena

7.  Polish the pugio

6.  Order government decals for sides of chariot

5.  Throw out my hare's fur and dried reeds now that I have quit smoking

4.  Lay in a supply for the winter of wheat, barely, rye, and spelt

3.  Order some of those newly invented wine barrels by the Gauls

2.  Re-read Dr. Luke's two volume gift named The Gospel of Luke and The Acts of the Holy Spirit

#1 thing on Theophilus's to do list:

1.  Send card of condolences and flowers to the memorial for the late Al Davis of the Raider Nation


li said...

:-)) Loved this! gave me a chuckle.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Gregg this cheered me no end. Thank you.