Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Facts

In conjunction with Seams Inspired's Party, I give you my Monday Morning Facts, for what shall we say? For your enjoyment, entertainment, encouragement, curiosity, concern, comprehension, snoopiness, wonder, amusement, to tickle your funny bone, and or your inquisitiveness!

Fact:  Today is one of our "dark and rainy" days. I think it is beautiful. I love the rain!

Fact:  This past Monday I needed to drive to the VA Medical Center in Vancouver, take the shuttle to the VA Medical Center in Portland and have XRays on my knees and a stress test. Then its shuttle back to Vancouver, drive back to Longview, pickup Irene and head for the Fall Regional in Astoria, OR. It will be about a 250 mile day! (Oct 3)

Fact:  It turned out to be a 236 mile day. From Monday morning until Wednesday night it was 398 miles. Thank God our Chevron dropped from 3.83 to 3.69 a gallon. That still is not great but better than 4.95.

Fact:  The least I paid for gas was .25 cents per gallon at a Hudson Station at the corner of Monterey Road and Lewis Road in San Jose, CA in 1971. Can you imagine a quarter a gallon? I can't believe I am going to say it, but I must, "those were the days." Sorry.

Fact:  My knees would not allow me to complete the tread mill test. Now I have to have a drug that tricks my heart into thinking it is on the treadmill. Oh goody, can't wait for that appointment...

Fact:  The Fall Regional was a great conference! I loved it!It was a great time of fellowship, food, fun, and being reminded that we need to be about the only task the Lord left us, being a witness to his death and resurrection by proclaiming the gospel to every creature. 

This is the Lewis and Clark Bible Church of Astoria, OR.


Fact:  Our youngest daughter, Stacy, is up visiting from Mesa, AZ! Yeah! Even the half of her that is Mexican American is tanned. The sun must shine in the Phoenix area.

Fact:  "The heavens are Yours; the earth also is Yours; the world and all that is in it, you have founded them." (Psalms 89:11, ESV)

Fact:  My father was a machinist in the Salem-Youngstown-Pittsburgh area. Wanting a better life for his family he applied for and was hired by Lockheed Aircraft and Missile Space Division in San Jose, CA. Lockheed moved us lock, stock, and barrel to San Jose, CA in December of 1966. I was 11 years old.

Fact: It was very traumatic for an eleven year old boy to leave all he had ever known, his friends, his grandparents, and the coziness of a small "Mayberry" type town to move across the whole United States to California. We drove from Salem, Ohio to San Jose, CA, sleeping in the car and eating cereal for breakfast and sandwiches and such for lunch and dinner at roadside rest stops.

Fact:  The move and trip must not have "damaged" me, I love to move and live in new places now. I have lived in Ohio, California, Alabama, North Carolina, Japan, Okinawa, The Republic of the Philippines, South Carolina, Nevada, and Washington. Granted Alabama was only about 3 months and both North and South Carolina were a year each. We came  to love and appreciate Anniston, Jacksonville, and Bluffton nevertheless.

Fact:  Although he was no Christian and is not worthy of worship, I believe a moment of silence is appropriate for the late "Mr. Davis," former coach and owner of the "Raider Nation". 



Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Such interesting facts today (and always) Gregg!

Our gas is currently $2.89 and we're taking the cans this AM to fill 'er up!

Wow - you've been all over the place! I've travelled around the US, but only lived in 2 states: Kansas & South Carolina

DH had to take the heart-racing test you're getting ready to take. Don't make any plans afterwards. You'll want to rest. ☺ Praying it goes well for you.

Happy Monday! Thanks for playing along with us. ☺

Petra said...

Informative and entertaining facts (as always)! Praying that your next EKG appointment goes well!

Persis said...

I enjoyed your facts. I remember my dad complaining when gas rose over 30 ¢ per gallon. $3.30-$3.50 is a good price for us.

May the Lord give you grace for your medical tests.

Arlee Bird said...

About that same time (1971 or so) I recall when there was a "gas war" in Eagleton Village in Maryville, TN and gas went to 17 cents per gallon for a while. The norm was probably more like 24 to 30 cents then. I can recall when it was common to stop and put a dollar's worth of gas in your car and drive for a good while before you needed your next dollar's worth. The first time I saw gas hit in the 50 cent a gallon range I was shocked and figured end times were near.

Always enjoy your facts and memories.

Tossing It Out

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Interesting facts Gregg wouldn't like the treadmill as being epiletic it don't agree with me.
Fact for me this Monday: spent it with my daughter and caught up with all the gossip.......but no mention of my prodigal son.


Kathy said...

I don't quite remeber gas at 25 cents, though I was alive, but I do remember how everyone was outraged when they were paying 75 cents and just knew it would reach the crazy price of 1.00!! I can't belive Larri, at Seams Inspired is paying less than 3, very impressive! You sure have lived in a lot of places, it must have given you such a wonderful prespective. Hope you are fairing better with your knees and will say a prayer that all goes well for your next test! Lovely to "meet" you!

Keena said...

Thx for sharing!! Our gas is around 3.24 a gallon

Pat Donovan said...

praying for you brother

Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing with us Gregg! Gas is $3.22 around here. I remember paying 19 cents a gallon for gas in the late 60s in El Paso. Ann has had the drug induced stress test and all went okay.