Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Facts

In conjunction with Seams Inspired's Party, I give you my Monday Morning Facts, for what shall we say? For your enjoyment, entertainment, encouragement, curiosity, concern, comprehension, snoopiness, wonder, amusement, to tickle your funny bone, and or your inquisitiveness!

Fact:  This Monday came out of nowhere. Well, it seems like that anyways. I guess it came in between Sunday and Tuesday rather than nowhere. I wasn't ready for it.

Fact:  The coffee is good this morning! I love Irish Cream.

Fact:   I thought the cleaners had lost a my charcoal pair of trousers, but I found them wadded up in a box. Somehow they didn't make the cleaners.

Fact:  I am a "guest-blogger" over at Trees For Lunch today. Check it out. He assigned me to respond to Richard Dawkins refusal to debate William L. Craig by accusing God of genocide.

Fact:  I will have a guest post from Trees for Lunch on my blog tomorrow. Be sure to check in and see what he has to say on the topic of Richard Dawkins refusal to debate William Craig.

Fact:  "For a day in your (God's) courts is better than a thousand elsewhere" (Psalm 84:10a, ESV)

Fact:  It's 5:30 AM. I got up at 5:00 AM; I love this time of day! It is so quite, so peaceful, and so beautiful.

Fact:  My first job after the San Jose Mercury News was at McDonalds. I started out as a fry cook at a whole $1.60 an hour.

Fact:  One day in October of 1972 I walked out of MacDonald's (after my shift of course) and walked into a building that housed the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps recruiters and told them all, "Who ever can ship me out today, I will join." The Marines could ship me out the next morning, so I joined the United States Marine Corps at age 17. It took over four hours pleading with my mom to sign the enlistment papers allowing me to join. I finally wore her down.

Fact:  Shannon and Sonja, along with Madilynn and Bryttany stopped by yesterday. WE had loads of fun. They brought Russian Tea Cakes, cookies, banana bread, and pumpkin cake. I am still hurting from processing all that sugar. It was excellent. Sonja is quite the baker. 


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Enjoyed reading your Monday facts. Glad you found your trousers otherwise could prove
My Mondays seems to come around too quickly.
Have a good week Gregg.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Great facts, Gregg!

What prompted the visit to the Recruit Center? Low Mickey D's wages or something else?

Sounds like a delicious weekend! I'm off to check out your guest post. Thanks for linking up with us. Happy Monday! ☺

Gregg said...

Yvonne - me too, it is too cold around here right now to go without trousers!

Larri - Thanks! Well, it was prompted by 3 things; 1) primarily because my girlfriend who I thought was the love of my life had broken up with me and wouldn't see me any more and I was just bummed out by that; 2) I had been fighting with my parents as I was seeking to become independent and wanting to do what I wanted to do rather than follow all of their rules; 3) I was bored - school bored me and so I dropped out at 17 as a sophmore (I didn't know until Jr. College that I was bored because the school work was so beneath me, I wasn't challenged, it was to shallow, I needed greater stimulation and no one recognized it). So, I thought if I could just get away, start a new life, be in a new place and take on a new set of circumstances I would be happy.

Your welcome. Hope you read my assigned response carefully!

Trisha said...

What a fun post, Gregg! You made me smile over and over. I, too, love the early morning, and I'm amazed at how you ended up in the Marines. Too funny....though your poor Mama probably didn't think so at the time.

Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

Coffee always taste best in the morning!

The Marines are always looking for a few good men. Maybe you could re-up? You might consider being a Chaplin? :-)

Persis said...

I always enjoy your facts, Gregg.

I had a boss who was an ex-marine Lt. Colonel fighter pilot who was shot down during the Vietnam War. He was a great boss with a very strong sense of right and wrong.

Petra said...

Maybe if I had gotten up at 5am, I'd have come to terms with the fact that it is Monday again already, whether it came out of nowhere or from somewhere in between Sunday and Tuesday. But I'll not complain, no no no! Great facts list, Gregg!

jel said...

I could think of a lot betters things to eat for lunch
then Trees :)