Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Study the Scriptures

When describing how he studied the Scriptures, Martin Luther offered this...

First I shake the whole Apple tree, that the ripest might fall. Then I climb the tree and shake each limb, and then each branch and then each twig, and then I look under each leaf.


Petra said...

That's great advice!! Happy Reformation Sunday to you!

pilgrimscottage said...

It really does take great care and studying to learn God's word. And, to prayfully hope that the Holy Spirit will open one's eyes to understand it.

Lisa said...

...and then do it all over again! :)

I miss you friend. Can't say I miss blogging, though. I do the Twitter thing now; so much easier. :)

Have a blessed day/week/year/life.

(of Bombastic Bandicoot fame)