Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten Reasons To Like Luke's Gift

Tuesday's with Theophilus

Ten Reasons Why Theophilus likes Luke's Two Volume Gift

10.  It is a great source for new and exotic baby names when the time comes.

9.  The Roman Raiders are last in their division. Reading the Gospel/Acts gift from Luke give me something to read while I watch the Raiders loose the chariot races on Monday Night Chariot Races."Are you ready for some Chariot Races?" All my rowdy Romans friends are coming over tonight!

8.  I still get a thrill when I read the introductory inscription to each volume: "...to write unto thee...Most Excellent Theophilus...;" and "O Theophilus..."

7.  I like to read books filled with drama, love, suspense, and intrigue that make me laugh, cry, and root for the hero.

6  They have helped me to find happiness and inspiration

5.  They are part of a larger work that will one day be acknowledged as the world's best selling book

4.  It gives me a chance to tell Pontius Pilate I told you so!

3. Because it is truth. After all, people in court put their hand on it and swear by it.

2.  The two volume work is still smaller and lighter than the ESV Study Bible
 #1 Reason I look liked Luke's Two Volume Gift

1.   It confirms my faith and tells me of the Amazing Grace that engineered and secured my redemption

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