Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do I Make The Grade?

One thing that I couldn't wait to be free from while in school was report cards. Actually report cards were not a problem during my elementary school days of grades one through six. During those years my report cards were times of praise and appreciation by my parents, extended family, and some friends. Those report cards were typically filled with either +'s showing very positive evaluation or "P's" for passing, "A's" for acceptable, and glowing comments about my participation and cooperation.

It wasn't until I reached Junior High that my attitude about school and school work began to change. As my attitude deteriorated my grades began to slide downward in a horrific spiral. I began first to get B's. That alone was enough to sound the alarm in my household that I wasn't applying myself and had become lazy. When my grades turned to C's and D's I thought I was either going to be murdered by my parents or incarcerated in some correctional facility that would raise my grades back to the long coveted and expected +'s, P's, or A's.

That didn't happen. When I hit high school, and I don't know how I did, I got my first F. You would have thought that I had been found to be the shooter on the grassy knoll, Jack the Ripper, caused the Mutiny on the Bounty, and was responsible for the cancellation of Gunsmoke all rolled into one. Nor was I the one-armed killer who killed Dr. Richard Kimble's wife.

Having finished school and graduating from college with a B average I thought I was forever finished with report cards. Little did I know that they still exist. Those pesky, emasculating, and tattle-tale bearers followed me into the work place. They aren't known as report cards in the workplace, they are called "Performance Evaluations." You don't get +'s, gold stars, or plays well with others. No, your proficiency in how you do your job and how well you live up to company standards are now the subject.

So, what is my point you ask? I find myself seeking a report card. I have come to the conclusion that I and the Gospel-driven Disciples need to be evaluated for its effectiveness, value, benefit, and existence. Comments have been dropping off like flies. By the way, what does that mean, dropping like flies?

I am wondering if this blog has run its course? Has it served its purpose? Is it time to retire it? I am well aware that the Gospel-driven Disciples is a highly specialized blog that does not appeal well to mainstream bloggy land. Comments have rarely reached over a dozen, accept during the April A-Z Challenge founded by Arlee Bird over at Tossing It Out. Now comments have steadily dropped to 4 to 2 to 0. (I know the day isn't over yet, but I haven't been O on comments since I began to receive comments)

What do you think? Is it time to say goodnight? Has the proverbially weight challenged woman sung?


Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

No one can answer that question but you. I've mulled over the same question myself but for different reasons. Perhaps your might try posting only once or twice a week.... just a thought?

Scott said...

Gregg, I think it's a matter of your own motivation. Why are you doing this? If you are doing it to reach "x" number of people, achieve "x" number of hits, etc. then you evaluate it accordingly. If, instead, you are doing it as a personal web-blog (hence the name), and it's really more for your own catharsis, then those other things don't matter. If your intent is to minister to others in some small way, then you just trust that God will use it and keep plugging away.

Understand, this comes from a guy who registers only a fraction of the "followers" you have on this site, so judge my opinion accordingly. Like you, I've often wondered about the "purpose" and when comments are few and far between you wonder if anyone is out there.

I liken it to my days in Christian radio. I did a sign on show early in the morning, and there were days when the phone never rang and I honestly wondered if anyone was out there listening. Felt like getting on the air and begging for calls! But that's really more about self-affirmation than anything.

Of course, then I also realize how many blogs I read each day and never comment on. How many I am helped by, but never comment. As hard as it may be to beleive based on the length of this, I'm not much of a commenter.

In all, I say keep doing it as long as you feel the need to, and stop when you feel you are done. I'm one of those who thinks "if just one person is helped, encouraged, educated, amused, etc. then it's worth it." And by the way, I have been all of the above by stopping by here, so thank you.

LD Masterson said...

Gregg - I technically Follow this blog, which means it shows up in my daily reader list. I don't always read it depending on how busy I am that day, and I rarely comment. There are some days when what you write speaks to me, tells me something I really needed to hear. Other days, not so much. I'd like to say if you keep going I'll do better about reading and commenting but I probably won't. I guess it just a question of, is this enough for you?

What ever you decide to do, I wish you all the best. God bless.

Scott said...


I do have you in my google reader so I never miss a post. Read some much more closely than others. I actually really enjoy your nostalgic personal history posts and old pictures of where you've been as some of my favorite posts. I appreciate the Greek Word of the Day which you've done several times. I'm fighting to keep my Greek. Would like more of that. Thanks to you - I now watch Burn Notice. Perhaps that's a vice I picked up rather than a virtue. As I remember we've exchanged some emails in the past that was mutually encouraging - Grace to you.

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Hey Gregg! I really enjoy your blog. You write thought-provoking posts that cause me to stop for a moment and mull over your words. That said, I have not been commenting...not because your posts are as wonderful as always. Life is simply busy for me right now. My quiet time for reading posts is usually in the early morning. My daughter has been awakening at the same time as me. I have time to read, but not comment.

Have you checked your Stats page? Even though the comments are fewer, perhaps the number of page hits is the same. Maybe people are just in a state of 'busy' right now. Just a thought.

Happy Wednesday!

Persis said...

I hope you keep blogging, Gregg, for the glory of God - comments or no comments.

Sometimes my day gets away from me that I don't have time to read any blogs until the afternoon with even less time to comment.

Gregg said...

Ron - I know. I am thinking about cutting back on the number of postings. Thanks!

Scott W. - Yes, my motivation is to make known the glorious character of our Lord. It is also to be a benefit and blessing to others. I am with you with the idea if just one person is blessed or helped or has grown.

L. D. - I am so glad you do read. I am glad it has spoken to you. I do know that it won't always, it coulnd't. We are all different and don't also agree on everything.

Scott - I am sure you read some more than others, as I said to LD, we are all wired differently and not all the posts are equall. As much as I try to produce quality posts some just won't be.

Larri - Thanks! I want people to think, not always agree, but to ponder, study, research and develop biblical principles. I am not looking for "oh geeze they are all so wonderful", just feedback that there is some value.

Persis - I am, maybe not 7 days a week but I will. Thanks.

You are all so special to me and I thank you so very much!


I don't want to sound too much like a cliche but you need to do what the Spirit leads you to do and leave the results to God.

I have often been concerned by the lack of feedback from my blog. Once in awhile it seems worth it all such as when a Muslim wrote and asked, "How do I get to know this Christian God of yours?"

Overtime I have developed my own personal writing statement (which I need to regularly return to):

"I'd rather write what the Spirit guides and have no readers, than to appeal to more readers without the Spirit's guidance."

May God bless you and your ministry regardless of which way you are led.

In Him,
Robert Lloyd Russell

Corey P. said...

Ditto what Persis said. I really hope you keep blogging, Gregg. :)

Pat Donovan said...

Robert is right and I think I like your theologiclly challenging wrightings the best. Don't quit go deeper and deeper.

Michael Wright said...

Well, Bro. Gregg, I think that you should keep going, I've watched other blogs go in and out of stages where there are a lot of comments and virtually none, but people are still reading. I vote you keep going.

Petra said...

Comments are nice, they reassure us that we're not talking to ourselves. But should that be the only motivation? I don't know. I follow two blogs that blog and blog and blog but have commenting tuned off. Weird. I guess it all depends on the person and the reason their blogging. I pray that God's will for you will come through loud and clear. Otherwise I enjoy this place even when I don't have the time to read all of your post or comment all of the time. Blessings!

Petra said...

"...and the reason they're blogging." It's late. I need to put my noggin on my pillow.

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