Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Did You Read This Week?

Besides the Bible, what are you currently reading?

 Any good so far? Would you share some highlights?

And what did you read right before this? 

 Would you recommend it? Why? Why not?

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Ma ~ said...

I've been reading The Footsteps of the Messiah by Arnold Fruchtenbaum. It is a study of prophetic events including the rapture, the tribulation, and the millennial kingdom. It is well thought-out, full of scripture, and easy to understand so far. I am loving it. He takes a premillennial and dispensational view.

He even tackles Ezekiel's temple and cleared up many of my questions about it.

I don't agree with all his points, of course, but would recommend to anyone interested in eschatology..thumbs up!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hi Gregg, I have been finishing Paul McKenna's "I Can Make You Happy" fantastic self help book. I thought I was happy until I read his book but realised I could be happier.

Take care

Persis said...

I'm finishing Think by John Piper, which I highly recommend. He tackles the misconceptions that thinking and feeling are mutually exclusive in our Christian walk, particularly the notion that deep thinking is not necessary.

I'm in the process of reading Living for God's Glory - and Introduction to Calvinsm by Joel Beeke. I also highly recommend this. Calvinism is much more than TULIP but a whole theology that seeks to glorify God as its chief aim which will change us and how we live in this world.

Cathy M. said...

I'm reading, _Paul: A Man Of Grace and Grit_, by Charles Swindoll

I'm not really digging it, but I promised a friend, whom I dearly love, that I'd read it because she loved it and wants to discuss it with someone.

Question: What was that book or study you recently referenced on discipling? My husband wants to take a certain young man under his wing, and he was dithering over what scriptures to use, and how to structure their time. I told him about your special interest in this area and about some resources you had. Thanks, Bro.

Scott said...

Just finished Tchividjian's Surprised by Grace. Would highly recommend it. Wonderful insights into the nature of sin, grace, God's pursuit of sinners, even worship. Good read.

Also in the middle of reading Preaching Christ in All of Scripture by Edmund P. Clowney. Pretty good summary of themes and symbols in the OT. Not as easy and smooth read so far as some, but the rest is a collection of sermons which demonstrate the principle, so it looks good.

Lisa said...

Hi Gregg,

I just finished reading "This Present Darkness", by Frank Peretti. It was an awesome, eye-opening book. I've also recently been reading "The Five Love Languages of God". Don't remember the author and it's upstairs. :) It's also a very good book.

I hope life is treating you well. I just got a job and start next Monday. I'm continuing to pray for your job, too!

Have a great rest of the week!

Michelle said...

I'm reading Think by John Piper,thanks to Persis. :)

And lots of good blogs!

Patience said...

Well I've been doing my "big reads" in the Bible but I got a bit sidetracked with packing. I'm somewhere in near Psalm 60.

Currently reading:
Welcome to the Family-Johnny Mac
The Elements of NT Greek-Wenham Institutes of the Christian Religion-Calvin

I recently read Out of the Silent Planet - C.S.Lewis
Loved it! I am now looking for the next book in the trilogy.

I am also going to get Think by Piper. Sounds like the kind of book a few people in my church need to read.

Everyday I read Spurgeon's Morning and Evening. Today the verse written about was Colossians 1:28. (Pastor Gregg's theme verse)

You can read Morning and Evening on CCEL if you're not blessed with a copy :-P

I would recommend each book I've mentioned purely because of the authors. (The content is also great.) A rather varied range, I'll admit, but I assure you no liberal theology is allowed over my threshold!

IanH said...

OK, you asked for it! I am currently wading my way through "Spirit and Power" by William W. and Robert P. Menzies.

It is one of the most frustrating books that I have tackled. At this point in time I am wondering why it was written. It appears to be a book of one up-man-ship with each of the authors trying to outdo their predecessors. Why am I reading it? Because it is part of a Bible study group. Maybe you can sense my frustration.

Arlee Bird said...

No books this week, just blogs as I get the A to Z Challenge organized. I did pick up some of my father's old books when I was at my mother's house. I hope to read them this year -- hope they're not too outdated. I plan to list the titles on an upcoming blogpost.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Arlee Bird said...

Thanks for placing the A to Z badge on your sidebar.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Mike said...

"In Constant Prayer", by Robert Benson


"Mortification of Sin in the Believer", by John Owen.

Just before coming here:

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