Sunday, January 23, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Due to some unexplainable technical difficulties I cannot get this next installment of Sunday in the Study... to transfer from Microsoft Word 2010 into to this eblogger dealy-bobber. I did not leave myself enough time to re-type the entire study. Please enjoy this instead of Introduction to I John Part III. Hopefully, next week, we will be back in the saddle!

Due to some other difficulties with anonymous comments, spam, and advertisers of various "personal" junk, I have adjusted my comments to registered users.  I don't think that affects anybody that regularly stops by here and comments. I think it means you have to be signed into something like your Google account, etc. in order to comment. If you have problems email me and I will just go back to that funny word do-dad that is a pain. I am sorry for the trouble and please forgive me. Terrible how a few can affect many.


Ma ~ said...

Sorry for the tech problems, but the video was really funny..THIS is why I don't iron:P

I took my word verification off for ONE night and got a spam, so it's back on for good:(

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Sorry for the Tech problems......have had my sahre in the past so know how you must feel.

Have a good day.

Seams Inspired said...

Oh the joys of being a blogger. :o)

Did you know you can schedule a post? If you write your posts earlier in the week, you can schedule it to post at a certain date and time. Let me know if you need help with this.

Happy Sunday!

PS...I had so much SPAM that I switched to IntenseDebate. I've only had one spammer slip through.

RaD said...

Ugh! It seems like there are a lot of nasty commenters roaming around lately. I haven't gotten any hits, but lots of blogs I read have.

Hopefully you'll have all your computer issues ironed out next week! Er... uh, well you probably want it to work tomorrow, huh? Hope it's all worked out tomorrow!

Kansas Bob said...

I am so glad that you did not succumb to the dark side and demand commenters to do that silly word verification.

Registered users is the way to go Gregg. I did it and don't get spam ant more.


Gregg, I hope you get your eblogger dealy-bobber fixed soon.

Most blogs I visit have restricted their comments to bloggers with a Google ID. It seems to be the safest way to go.


IanH said...

Say Gregg, Have you tried a simple copy and paste to the blog? I could never get MS Word to transfer either.

Anonymous said...

Love Brian Regan. hahaha~!