Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tagged again - If I Were A...

Well, this is a different type of “tag.” I have been tagged by Yvonne over at Welcome to My World of Poetry. Those of you who visit her know her “talent” for poetry. Having been tagged, I must answer the following questions.

If I Were a: Month

I would be September! I love when the leaves begin to change colors and then they begin to fall. I love the skies as they begin to grow a bit gray and overcast. I love the hillsides and mountains as they begin to look like an artist’s palate full of colors. The hillside and mountains seem to be on fire with red, yellow and orange leaves. I love when the days are beginning to cool down and be a little brisk. I love fall.

If I Were a: Time of Day

I would be 4:30 AM. I love this time of day. I am a morning person. I love to be up just before the first ray of light so gingerly begins to peek over the horizon. I love the fact that it is quiet and I can hear the wind rustle through the trees. I love to hear that “early bird” as she begins to chirp and sing. The air smells clean and fresh. I love to look up and see the stars and the bright “dark blue” sky. There is no talking, no hurrying, and no noise. There is just God and me.

If I Were a: Season

I would be a great fall. I would turn leaves bright golden yellow, sharp fiery red, and a burned orange. I would gently blow cool air across the trees, valleys, and all the creatures. The temperature would be brisk and invigorating.

If I Were a: Planet

I would be Mars. I like being a big red planet full of mystery. Of course who wouldn’t want to be named after the Roman god of war? I would beckon you to explore my valleys and deserts to satisfy your curiosity about little green men. Do I harbor Martians? Well you have to come and see.

If I Were a: Direction

I would be east. It is from the east that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will return for His bride! I would be the east and make way when that last trumpet sounds and that easterly direction is split by the magnificent appearance of the King of Glory! East I say! Bowing down before the King as He treads across my place on the compass. The church has ever looked to the east since the day Her Groom promised to return for her!

If I Were a: Tree

I would be a weeping willow. I would stand resolute and with endurance. But as I stood with limbs drooping and leaves shiny and green, I would weep for those who know not this King of Kings, this Lord of Lords. I would weep for the mishandling of the gospel, the mishandling of the Word of God. I would weep for those who have no desire to know Him. I would be a tall, strong, and visible fountain of tears for those who despise the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

If I Were an Animal: A Wild Mustang on the Nevada High Desert

I would run from valley to vale to river to ridge line each and every day. I would lift my head high and feel the wind flowing through my mane as I ran. I will smell the clear Nevada air and the fragrant scents of the desert fauna. Hmmm, to smell the sage brush again and to feel the hot air blowing across my back and withers. Feeling the sand beneath my powerful hoofs as I galloped along my way. Yes I would be a wild mustang – alive, free, untamed, running through my domain under a bright Nevada sun.

If I Were: A Musical Instrument

I would have to be a Ludwig set of drums. I would be tuned to give a perfect sound in order to maintain the beat of the music. My timing would be essential to the flow of the music.

If I Were: Fruit

If I were a fruit I would be a watermelon. A big green watermelon with a deep blood red fruit on the inside. I would be juicy, dripping with flavor, and running down your hands and arms. I would be so sweet that you would savor every bite. I would cool you down on a hot summer day at the most perfect BBQ you have ever attended. You might even be tempted to sprinkle just a little salt on me as you placed that first juicy bite in your mouth.

If I Were: Food

I would be a pizza. Yes, a cheese and onion pizza. Everybody loves pizza! If I were a pizza I would be loved by all! I would be gooey and ooey and dripping with hot cheese.

If I Were: A Color

I would be red ! I would be flashy and bold. I would be in your face and fun. I would be bright and cheery as red.

If I Were: A Book

I would be worn and torn as a book. I would be an old friend that was constantly pulled from the shelf and caressed as much as read. I would bring comfort and joy to the heart of the one that pulled me from the shelf. I would be adventure and mystery. I would be fun and excitement. I would be that book on your shelf right now that you would choose if somehow Tossing it Out commandeered you for a voyage to a desert Island and you could only bring one book, you would bring me!

If I Were: A Song

If I were a song I would be In Christ Alone by Keith and Kristyn Getty. I would be sung somewhere every week in worship of our great and magnificent God. I would serve as a testimony that redemption is in Christ Alone and in nothing else. That His atoning work on the cross is sufficient to forgive your sins and save your soul.

If I Were: A Movie

I would be Gone With the Wind. I would be a classic on every shelf. A giant epic that told a story filled with love, romance, intrigue, battle, bravery, duty, honor, beauty, and reality. I would bring tears to your eyes, a smile to your lips, a warmth to your heart, a straightening to your back, and stiffness to your chin.

If I Were: a Flower

I would be a rose. I would bring joy to thousands by my shape, fragrance, and color. I would be there for that first date, first anniversary, first fight, for that first anything. Then for the second and third and fourth and well I would be there bringing you joy and happiness forever.

If I Were: a Facial Expression

I would be a smile. I would be that expression that communicates joy, approval, and satisfaction. I would always be a wanted guest. No one turns down a smile. I would be friend to all!

Now I tag 4 of my friends:

Lee - Tossing It Out
Lisa - Bombastic Bandicoot
Shannon - Faith, Hope, & Love
Kansas Bob - Kansas Bob



Thanks Gregg that was great, strange how different people choose completelt different answes.
Most enjoyable.


Lloyd said...

That's good Gregg. I wish I were that talented. God bless, Lloyd

Lisa said...

I love your answers! Very descriptive. Thanks for picking me to participate. I will have mine up in the next day or so. :)

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. Those are great answers. Mars? I was thinking just that. Though, the reason's a bit different!
Have an awesome day...:)

Shannon said...

Great answers...thanks for tagging me buddy! Have a great day! We picked a few of the same...great minds think alike :)

Brian Ray Todd said...

Personalities and personal preferrences are the variety of life and the gifts from above for the body of Christ. HAve you seen or heard the Gary Smalley presentation on honoring the diffferent personality from his "Hidden Keys" series. Outstanding. Saw the movie "The Secrets of Jonathon Speery" and was blessed. How that you get a chance to watch it, if you haven't already. Thanks for sharing.

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Awesome and so well written! Your so good at describing things, well done! If I were tagged mine would be something like this:

If I were a fruit I would be a banana because its the only fruit I like....

your answers are rich and flavorful! :)

Gregg said...

Yvonne - yes it is interesting to see different answers. People have different tastes.

Lloyd - I bet you are more talented than you think. Discriptive language comes from extensive reading. Thanks for your comment.

Lisa- you are more than welcome! I am glad you're not mad. Looking forward to seeing your post!

Mr. Stupid - thanks for stopping by and joining my site. I hope you will come back daily and be blessed.

Shannon - you are welcome and you had a great list. I saw some of the similarities. Great minds do think alike.

Brian Ray Todd - No I haven't seen Gary Smalley's deal. I am not familiar with the movie, but if you say it is good I will look for it.

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibby how man is that, let's see that's one, two, three,four, is that enough? Nope, you have five, ok one more Libby - you only like banana? My word, were you dropped when you were litle? Were you mixed up in the hospital at birth with a martian? What about grapes? Oranges? Cantelope? Watermelon? Red delicious apples from WA? What about plums? Now those things are rich and flavorful.

I couldn't live without grapes. I love grapes on the vine, off the vine, in the bottle, mashed up in jelley. :)

Kansas Bob said...

Ma, am I slow getting here. Responded in the comments on my blog after you tagged me.. again I am slow.

I love the way that you expounded on your answers. Gone With the Wind is one of my all time favorites. Like that song too. Great responses Gregg.

Here is a copy of my responses.. they are not up to the standard you set here though :)

DAY: Sunday
SEASON: Spring
PLANET: Heaven
FRUIT FOOD: Strawberry
BOOK: Bible
SONG: All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
MOVIE: Braveheart