Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Award for the Gospel Driven Disciples!

Wow! Would you look at that?

Look at the award that the Gospel Driven Disciples has been awarded! I knew that deep in my heart that this was a good blog - never in my wildest imaginations did I think it was mind blowing!

This was presented to the Gospel Driven Disciples this morning by Yvonne at Welcome to my World of Poetry. Those of you who visit her site know how talented she is as she puts her heart and soul in to her original poetry. We have been great beneficiaries of this wonderful talent.

If you haven't been to her site you need to click on my award (in the side bar) and visit this morning. Leave her an encouraging comment. Those of you who follow Gospel Driven Disciples let her know you appreciate the fact that she thought of this site!

Thank You Yvonne!


Lisa said...

Congratulations Gregg! I agree with Yvonne that this is a mind-blowing blog! :O)

Shannon said...

Congratulation fellow award winner! Aren't you just the bees knees,lol...You certainly deserve it, this is a mind blowing blog! Great job buddy!

Wanda said...

Congratulations Gregg. The award is a well deserved one for you. Hadn't been able to get by here lately but always glean a lot when I do. Keep up the God-work!

Loren said...

Congrats! Very well deserved!


My pleasure,

Have a super week-end.


Gregg said...

Lisa - thank you for your kind words. Thanks for your faithful reading and commenting.

Shannon - thanks alot! Your words were kind to, and yeah, I am the bees-knees! Congrats on your award also.

Wanda - I am glad when you come by and comment. I am also glad that I have been able to share some things that you consider gleaning. Thank you!

Loren - thanks alot!!

Yvonne - I have already said my thanks! You have a great weekend also.

John said...

Too cool. That's a great award!

Thanks, by the way, for offering me a place to stay. :)