Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Importance of the Church!

The Sunday Sound-Bite...

Gospel Driven Disciples includes a weekly component called The Sunday Sound-Bite.

These "sound-bites" will be from various men of God commenting on various topics with the goal of provoking a deeper appreciation of our Lord Jesus Christ and to facilitate obedience to the admonition given in II Peter 3:18 – “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.”

This selection is an excerpt from a sermon by Jeff Seavey, the pastor of Living Water Community Church of Vancouver, WA on the importance of "the church." Jeff planted Living Water with four families in Vancouver ten years ago this month. Irene and I had the privilege of attending and even preaching here for 3 years. Jeff is a tremendous man of God.



Good day Ron, loved the post,
I'm trying to weather a storm at the moment.....not so easy.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Hi Greg sorry I got my messages mixed up.
I loved your post and video,
Have a peaceful Sunday.


Eddie Eddings said...

Congrats on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge Winner Award! Was it tough or fun or both?

The Voice said...

I tend to wonder if being inside the building is as important as following the Word. At the moment I'm searching for a church home and have been following podcasts from Mars Hill and Momentum Church. I find them very helpful.

Gregg said...

Yvonne - No problem. Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure to see you.

Eddie Eddings - It wasn't really tough at all. Finding time in the day to write was tough, but the blogs came naturally and it was very fun. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Voice - naturaly following Christ and His Word is the essence of being a Christian. But do'nt fool yourself or allow yourself to be fooled, you can't follow Christ as He prescribed without being "in the buidling."

The local body is the visible representation of the universal body, that He fills with His gifts, grace, and goodness. Just like a child cannot fully develop in every area without a Mother and a Father, you as a believer will sorely deprived and not fully develop outside of a bibical local fellowship of believers.

I am not sure where you are so I can't recommend a good home church. Trust that you find one!