Monday, May 10, 2010

Preparation by Trials

God is in this life preparing his people for a better world and part of that process is effected by trial and affliction, so that it frequently happens that the godly are in adversity while the wicked are in prosperity."

--Charles H. Spurgeon


Pilgrim Mommy said...

Great quote! Spurgeon went through some very deep trials, and we are the beneficiaries today. I have been helped by many of his writings.


Amen! I usually don't handle trial's and affliction
very well. But I know that God allows them in my life and when I get through them I am better able to sympathize and help others going to the same type of trials.

Anonymous said...

Good quote~ very powerful! Have a blessed day!! God bless you!


Very profound thanks for sharing.


Lisa said...

My brother was asking me this weekend why this is so - why the wicked prosper while the righteous struggle. He was speaking mostly about our mother. I hope the answer I gave him was good enough.

PS - I love Charles Spurgeon!

Gregg said...

PM - thank you for your comment. I always rejoice when you choose to stop by! Yes, Spurgeon did go through many trials, hence he knows of whhat he speaks. I too, have been helped by his wisdom & witt.

Ron - it is tough to go through anhy trials. The one Irene and I are experiencing now is brutal. I have yet to discern what God wants me to learn though I continually seek Him. Thanks for taking your time or read and comment.

Smile-Jesus Loves You - yes it is a powerful quote. One that however is so ignored because we often envy the wicked in their prosperity and "curse" our adversity. Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne - thanks for reading and sharing. I appreciate your honesty and sincereity. Hope your birthday and mother's day was grand!

Lisa - the teacher said the student was not above the master. Christ learned obedience by suffering so shall we. Paul told new believers that when they were called to Christ for salvation they were called to suffering. It is our lot, we can not escape it.

I too hope your brother was ministered to. Thanks for your input, it means alot to me.

arlee bird said...

I sometimes wish it were the other way around, but one day it will be and then it will be an eternity.


Lynda Young said...

love this quote. It's sometimes difficult to accept "that the godly are in adversity while the wicked are in prosperity" but we can't compare ourselves to anyone else. What matters is our relationship with God.