Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Need Your Help

Many of you know that I began my blog, the Gospel Driven Disciples, in February of 2009 while on a temporary assignment in Bend, Oregon. I had read an article by Abraham Piper which gave six reasons why pastors should blog.

I decided that his reasoning was sound and that he was right. On a cold February morning another little baby blog was born in the ghetto. The mission of my blog is “Teaching People How to Live.” The vision of my blog is Colossians 1:28-29 which reads,

"Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me." (Colossians 1:28-29, ESV)

This is what I have given by life to and what I have dedicated to this blog. I hope that in the end God will give me at least 100 faithful followers who will click on this site almost everyday. I want to teach His word as it was written by each of the original authors with the meaning intended by each author and with the meaning understood by the original readers.

I do not think this to be egotistical nor unattainable. Jesus said on many occasions, “He that has ears to hear, let him hear.” I know that this will never replace, nor is it intended, sound, faithful, accurate bible teaching of your pastor. I merely want to supplement that teaching due to so much of the false teaching on the television, radio, and in print.

My original plan was to expose my “followers” (I am looking for a better term, anyone have a suggestion?) to sound exegetical bible teaching, solid biblically based books, Godly and biblical bible teachers and preachers.

Here is what I am proposing for the month of May and June as a test drive:

Monday - will be set aside as a reflection on the past Lord’s Day.

Tuesday - will be set aside to review books that would benefit your Christian life. Some of these books will have been around for quite some time and you might have already read them, some will be new; hopefully the review will benefit you and cause you to purchase and read the book.

Wednesday - will be a new exegetical and expositional study in the First Epistle (letter) of John the Apostle. We will look at this little yet powerful letter verse by verse each Wednesday.

Thursday – will be set aside to reflect on, critique, review, and “dis” or otherwise contemplate events, people, ideas, and “theologies” in the news both past and present.

Friday – I would like to try something new on this day. This is why I am going to try this format for May and June and see how it works out. If there is good response, a “following” (still looking for that better term) and comments (positive or negative, in agreement or disagreement I will continue. Here is my idea:

I would love to have questions submitted about various topics, doctrine, biblical passages, life issues that we can answer together from the Scriptures.

Saturday – unsure at this time

Sunday – set aside for the segment called Sunday Sound Bites.

What do you think? I am interested in your input and comments. Please be specific in commenting. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Eddie Eddings said...

This is just a suggestion but I think it will free you up and give you some elbow room in your blog.
Keep Saturday as a "open session", call it "Saturday Supplement" or "Unspecific Saturdays" or "Saturday Shuffle"...whatever you want. But allow yourself the freedom to cover something not categorized in your menu. That way you can share a laugh, a song, personal items or whatever you want.


Hi Gregg what you have in mind sound very good also what the above person said sounds alot of sense, It's getting the word around that is going to attract the people. Good luck.


John said...

Sounds great, Gregg.

I wouldn't be able to blog everyday, myself, but you do a great job of it. Keep up the good work!

JD Curtis said...


If you click on my blog, I'll click on yours. Deal?

Shannon said...

Gregg, sounds good to me, but sounds like a lot of work for you! I would love to participate...count me in! I have questions to ask so it will help me understand some things better!

Shannon said...

Oh by the way I tagged you on my blog for tomorrow..come by and see if it is something you would want to do. Basically you answer 5 questions, then tag 5 more bloggers...and on it goes, it only takes a few minutes and your readers get to know you a little come by tomorrow to see my post!

Gregg said...

Eddie Eddings - That is a great suggestion and I belive I will take it. While I am looking for work it is easier to blog everyday, but Lord willing when I go back to work it will much harder. Thanks brother!

Yvonne - thanks for also concurring. Yes getting the word out will take time and effort. I hope a quality and useful blog will help too.

John - thanks for your comment. I really appreciate you and look forward to the times you can afford to stop by my blog. I only blog everyday becasue until we are "homeless" I can - I am looking for work and when a job comes along it may be to hard and I will have to reevaluate. I love While We Sojourn!

JD Curtis - I clicked on your blog today and I will continue to look at it.

Shannon - no doubt it is alot of work. Hopefull, I can do it while I am unfortunately unemployed. Hope you will submit questions. You can ask anything and I will always bring an answer from the bible.

By, the way, you are a day late, Lisa tagged me first, and I'm only doing it once. So tomorrow's post will have my 5 things. Sorry! Looking forward to yours!


Hello Brother Gregg

I have been receptive to your sound Bible teaching since the first day I started following your blog. I'll continue to try and read it on a daily basis and make a thoughtful comment.

Keep up the good work for Jesus


BTW, I like Eddie's suggestion.

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Love your photo used, "Help Wanted". :-) I can't wait to see what you do with the place! :)

Gregg said...

Ron - Thanks once again for your kind words and your support. You are a real blessing to me. Looking forward to your input as we grow this medium for the Lord's glory and the joy of His people.

Libby - thanks, I truly wanted folks help. I am here for you and for God's people. My heart is that of a shepherd for God's sheep. They are so precious to Him and to me.

Wanda said...

Gregg, sounds like you have a solid schedule. I'll be sure to check in from time to time.

JD Curtis said...

Allright Gregg. Consider yourself added to one of my "favorites". I'll check yours, you check mine. If what you have to say is particularly interesting, I'll comment. I hope you do likewise.

Hope you get those 100+ clicks bro!

Mike said...

I would simply caution you to not get sucked into the blogosphere's ability to overwhelm. I did a couple years ago and had to bail out for a while so I could prioritize my life again.

I say this with deep concern so that you take stock in your own life and schedule, for the proper care and feeding of your own soul. While teaching is valuable and noble, writing takes up a lot of precious time that may often be better utilized elsewhere.

Gregg said...

Wanda - I do need a schedule and direction to keep my moving the right direction. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming. I hope you do check in from time to time!

J D Curtis - thanks! I shall check on you each day and see what there is to read.

Mike - you are probably more right than you realize. You offer sound advice that I will attempt to heed as well as I can. I don't want to get my priorities out of whack. I appreciate your kind words of concern they do mean something to me because I think you offer them in sincerity and concern for me.

I hope friends like you will be honest with me and brave and continue to hold me accountable to the things that matter. I value your friendship and insight, my friend.

Loren said...

I agree with the Lord daily...never allow this blog, your followers, or "your duty" to them to overwhelm or make this a "have to" thing.

Remember the Lord loves a joyful giver....even here in this bloggy world

HE will bring them

Brian Ray Todd said...

I am always blessed by your blog. I am amazed at what you write because of the time and depth of study it takes. I thank the Lord that you can write daily. I know that your words are touching the hearts that they were intended to. For it is in His name that this blog is written.