Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zvezdochka

Zvezdochka was launched into space on March 25, 1961. He orbited one time in final preparation for the Vostok 1 mission. Zvezdochka was named by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. 

Zvezdochka was sent into space with a wooden cosmonaut dummy in the final practice flight before Gagarin's flight on 12 April. The dummy was ejected out of the capsule while Zvezdochka remained inside. Both were recovered successfully.

During the 1950s and 1960s the USSR used dogs for sub-orbital and orbital space flights to determine whether human spaceflight was feasible. In this period, the Soviet Union launched missions with passenger slots for at least 57 dogs.

 The number of dogs in space is smaller, as some dogs flew more than once. Most survived; the few that died were lost mostly through technical failures, according to the parameters of the test


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a most interesting post. I didn't know about the dogs that went into space.

Congrats on getting through the A to Z, been a pleasure reading all 26 posts.

Scott said...

I've been impressed with the depth of research to do the A-Z with the animal theme. Not exactly household words here. Enjoyable. Thanks for the efforts. (And I think I'll tell the kids I have a good name for our next dog).

Maria Dunn said...

Now that's a dog worthy of admiration even if I can't pronounce his name. Congratulations on finishing the chalenge. Maria,Delight Directed Living
Maria Dunn