Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Eddie Eagle

Eddie Eagle is the mascot for a program developed by the
NRA (National Rifle Association) to teach children who are usually considered to young to be allowed to handle firearms. The program is designed for children of any age from pre-school through the third grade.

The program is built around an easily remembered litany to teach the kids how to avoid being hurt when they come in contact with a weapon:
  • Stop - take time and remember what to do
  • Don't Touch - if you don't touch a firearm you won't be hurt
  • Leave the area - when you leave you stop all temptation to pick up the weapon and play with it
  • Tell an adult - a grown up will know what to do and will keep you from getting hurt


Scott said...

Eddie is cool. Personally I feel gun control is best achieved by planting both feet firmly, both hands gripping the weapon, and a steady aim down field. Works every time.
Kidding. While we have many weapons in our home, and use them regularly for hunting, target practice, etc., our kids all know the safety rules and know that these things aren't toys! Good post.

Welcome to my world of verse. said...

Great "E" post Gregg. the gremlins have been at me again. have spent the day setting up again.


Dragon Tails and Scales said...

Great post. We didnt have guns but we had friends teach them gun safety which I appreciate.

Happy A to Z