Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Willie

Willie was a Labrador Retriever who on April 26, 2000 saved John Stenglien from a wolf attack at a logging camp in Icy Bay, Alaska. Stenglien was a six year boy who was playing with another boy near the edge of a logging camp. A wolf appeared and chased the boys. The wolf attack John and began dragging him towards the woods.

The boys crying caused many people to run to his rescue. Willie arrived first and confronted the wolf causing the wolf to release and drop the little boy. John's father tracked the wolf and shot and killed it. It was proven not to be rabid, sick, or starving.

The little boy suffered severe bitten. He suffered 19 lacerations and wounds on his back, legs, and buttocks. He survived the attack by the wolf thanks to the heroic efforts of Willie.

(The boy is holding a photo of the wolf that attacked him and his friend.)


Anonymous said...

What a brave boy and what a hero of a dog. Lovely story Gregg.

Enjoy your week-end.

Scott said...

Looked to me as though that wolf was wearing a radio collar.

"Company policy made it
dif´Čücult for camp residents to hunt or trap near the
camp or near worksites, thereby creating a defacto wolf
protection zone where wolves were not conditioned to
avoid humans."