Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Aslan

Aslan is the main character in series entitled The Chronicles of Narnia written by C. S. Lewis. He is depicted as a “great lion” in the book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Lewis develops this character in the remaining books in the series.

Aslan is the Turkish word for lion. Lewis often capitalizes the word “lion” when referring to Aslan. This character is used by Lewis to represent Jesus in his stories.

Aslan is a talking lion. He is the King of all beasts. He is the son of the Lord of Narnia. Aslan is a very gentle guide to the human children who “visit” Narnia. However, Aslan can be very dangerous and ferocious when he needs to be. As a matter of fact, it is written of Aslan, “”he is not a tame lion.”

He has many followers, including humans, talking beasts, and mythological creatures such as Centaurs, Fauns, Dryads, Dwarfs, Satyrs, Naiads, Hamadryads, Mermaids, Sylvans, Unicorns, and Winged Horses.


S. L. Hennessy said...

Aslan is one of my favorite literary heroes! Great post. Happy fist day of the A to Z challenge!

Scott said...

Classier than my first day. I was considering doing Lewis for L. Looking forward to all you have to share this month!

Silvia Writes said...

Mythological characters of any kind hold a certain interest to me. I bet he is not a tame lion. And very interesting to learn Aslan is the Turkish word for lion.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Silvia @

Grammy Staffy said...

Hello from another A to Z participant. Thank you for reminding me about Aslan. I enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia written by C. S. Lewis with my Grand children.

Petra said...

Wonderful A post. I'm almost sad not to participate in the A2Z challenge, but my job has been and continues to be the challenge of all challenges. Maybe one day. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful story and a wonderful start to your challenge. Good luck.

Carrie-Anne said...

I remember my mother asking me, after we finished The Last Battle, if I knew what Aslan's name in the non-fantasy world was. I was genuinely confused, and asked "Lion?" She thought I was pretending to not know, though you can't expect that from a kid who hasn't been raised with a religion!