Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Faith the Cat

Faith, was a London cat that lived in St Faith & St Augustine's church (by St Paul's Cathedral) during the war. Faith received a PDSA Silver Medal for bravery in caring for her kitten when the church was bombed. Her citation read:


Our dear little church cat of St. Augustine 
and St. Faith. The bravest cat in the world.

On Monday, September 9th, 1940, she endured horrors and perils beyond the power of words to tell.

Shielding her kitten in a sort of recess in the house (a spot she selected three days before the tragedy occurred), shes at the whole frightful night of bombing and fire, guarding her little kitten.

The roofs and masonry exploded. The whole house blazed. Four floors fell through in front of her. Fire and water and ruin all round her.

Yet she stayed calm and steadfast and waited for help.

We rescued her in the early morning while the place was still burning, and

By the mercy of Almighty God, she and her kitten were not only saved, but unhurt.

God be praised and thanked for His goodness and mercy to our dear little pet.


Anonymous said...

Gregg...your story made me cry! I could see this scene, and hear this horror. Just wish some mothers were as caring of their own children~ What a precious cat! xxoo

S. L. Hennessy said...

That's such a wonderful story. I'm so glad the story ended with them being saved. Happy A to Z.

Anonymous said...

Great F post Gregg,

Glenda Cates said...

WOW, how wonderful that they both was safe. Thank you Jesus.

betty said...

Visiting from A/Z; what a sweet story! She just knew someone would come to her rescue; like we should just know Jesus will always be there for us!