Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Quacker Jack

The largest duck known to man lives on Long Island. His name is Quacker Jack. He is the mascot of the Long Island Ducks, three time Atlantic League Champions. He is affectionately know around the ball park as “QJ.”

Some facts about Quacker Jack:

·        His birthday is March 18th
·        He loves to play baseball
·        Apparently he bats and throws both right and left handed
·        He loves to eat! His favorite food is anything that isn’t “foul.”
·        His favorite movie is “Howard the Duck.”

QJ has been the official mascot of the Long Island Ducks since March 18th, 2000. He is always in the “duck-out” for all the home games at Citibank Park. He got his name from the snack sold at the snack bar, Cracker Jacks and the quaking sound of a duck.

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What a cutie? great post Great.

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