Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Old Yeller

“She never cried when old Yeller died

She wasn't washed in the blood of the lamb
She never stood up for the star spangled banner
And she wasn't a John Wayne fan

Her baby blue eyes had the warning signs
That woman was bad to the bone
She never cried when old Yeller died
So do you think I'll cry when she's gone?"


Old Yeller is a children’s book from 1956 written by Fred Gipson. It was illustrated by Carl Burger. The title is taken from the name of the main character in the story which is a dog. Old Yeller was named after his yellowish tinted fur.

A Young boy name Travis Coates was left to take care of his family’s ranch with his mother and younger brother when his dad left on a cattle drive. The story takes place in the 1860’s in Texas. Travis takes in the dog when it unexpectantly shows up one day.

At first Travis does not like the dog and tried to run it off. Naturally the dog earns its keep by saving the family on several occasions. So Travis ends up loving the dog.

However Old Yeller is infected with rabies when it saved the family from a rabid wolf. Travis is forced to kill Old Yeller since the dog has been bitten by the wolf.


Scott said...

Spoiler Alert! I didn't know Old Yeller died! Oh, my goodness. Now I'm not going to watch the movie. :)

Amazing how a book/movie like this one finds its way into the collective cultural consciousness, isn't it? Just mention Old Yeller and you get all kinds of jokes about the ending, etc. Aren't we glad the ending of our story is so much better!!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful picture Gregg and story to go with it, I am soft when it comes to animals. I must say an odd tear slipped down my cheek.


Unknown said...

One of my favorite family movies. Love Ol' Yeller. Good memories. Thanks. Maria from Delight Directed Living