Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Perfect Plan of Providence Part 3

The Perfect Plan of Providence
Part 3
Romans 1:16-17

1A  The Saving Power of God

       1B  Paul’s Extraordinary Statement  (VS-16)

              1C  The World Ridicules the gospel

              2C   The World Rejects the gospel

                       1D  Because of its message- man needs a savior
                       2D  Because of its meaning- it's a fact vs theory
                       3D  Because of its misalignment - opposite world
                       4D  Because of its mission - to redeem

       2B  Paul’s Explanatory Statement  (VSS 16-17)

              1C  The Gospel is good news

              2C  The Gospel references salvation

              3C  The Gospel is the way of salvation

              4C  The Gospel is a powerful gospel

              5C  The Gospel is for everyone

                      1D  The chronological element
                      2D  The Jews need of salvation
                      3D   The gospel is the hope of all

              6C  The Gospel reveals God’s power

              7C  The Gospel contents are extraordinary



Great reading Gregg.


Susan said...

Your reminders are always uplifting. I tend to forget the reason why the world rejects the gospel, and I get bogged down and depressed. Thanks for reminding me...again... I think I have short term memory loss.