Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Things I Like About Friday

1.  Friday is my "short day" 

     I can leave the office at 1:00 PM if I want to!

2.  Friday is my day to clean off my desk

     Everything is nice and clean for Monday!

3.  Friday means the weeks' work is finally done

     I can look back instead of looking ahead!

4.  Friday is "free for all" day

      I can work on what I want instead of my pre-planed agenda and schedule

5.  Friday is the day before Saturday

     Saturday is one day I can just goof off!

So, tell me, why do you like Fridays?


Puneet Manav said...

I liked your trick to express everything in short. This makes the reader read the blog forcefully.


Hi Gregg have had trouble with Blogger and Chrome, they took my blog away for inappropriate material.

I have set up again but still have trouble getting through, have you had trouble getting through to me.?
Would appriciate an answer,


KC Bob said...

Being retired, I have found that every day is a Friday but the KC Chiefs usually play on Sunday afternoons. :)