Thursday, September 19, 2013

How To Read Your Bible Part 5

Seven Steps to Successful Study!

Read Strategically

For several years a lawyer and a doctor had regularly played golf together. They were evenly matched, and there was a keen sense of rivalry. Then one spring the lawyer's game suddenly improved so much that the doctor was losing regularly. The doctor's efforts to improve his own game were unsuccessful, but finally he came up with [ a strategy] an idea. At a bookstore he picked out three how-to-play golf texts, and sent them to the lawyer for a birthday present. It wasn't long before they were evenly matched again.

Take your time to read and re-read your section until you are able to picture what the author is saying. Develop a strategy that will enable you to interrogate or interview the text. Ask the text questions such as:

  • What do I observe happening?

  • What did it mean when it was written?

  • What does it mean to me today
In addition to asking questions, develop a strategy for cross referencing your passage for additional insight or "light." Include our center margins or study bible notes as part of our study strategy. Just remember if your bible has notes always be sure to read your bible from the top of the page (text) down (notes.) Don't read from the notes up to the text.

Develop a strategy for obtaining the best "tools" to assist you in bible study. If you were placed on a deserted Island with only your bible, your bible would certainly be enough. However, I dare say, you are not isolated on a deserted Island right now. Therefore stand on the shoulders of those who went before you and take advantage of the gifted people God has raised up throughout the centuries.

So, read slowly, read sedulously, read systematically, and read strategically!

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Another good instalment of your blog Gregg. still catching up on the earlier ones.