Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How To Read Your Bible Part 8

Seven Steps to Successful Study

Read Supplicantly

First, of all please refrain from any snide remarks or criticism. The onlinedictionary lists it as a word. It defines it and spells it. And yes, it does begin with an "S." You know that is why I used it.

Second, I quite possibly should have listed this word first rather than last. Prayer is the most important part of reading the Scripture. However, prayer is first, middle, and last. As a matter of fact we need to be reading Scripture prayerfully the entire time we are engaged with a passage of Scripture.

The reason I listed it in seventh position is simple. As we encounter and engage the text, we need to be praying for the Holy Spirit's illumination as to the meaning of the text.

David prayed, "Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from your law." (Psalm 119:8, NKJV) We need the Holy Spirit to open our spiritual eyes and allow us to see the mysterious and deep things of God.

Also, as you read, you need to be praying that the Holy Spirit will enable you to worship God. Prayerfully reflect on what you have just read in order to answer the following questions: 
  • What sin do you need to confess and forsake? 
  • What action step do you need to take?
  •  What attitude do you need to develop or destroy?
  •  What do you need to remember from the passage of Scripture you have just read?
  •  What can you thank God for?
The bible was designed by God to be the basis for our prayers. The Psalms for example are actually the prayers of various people who wrote them and they now serve as guidelines for us as we pray.

So, read slowly, read sedulously, read systematically, read strategically, read studiously, read submissively, and read supplicantly.

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