Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Authentic Me

My good friend Bob from Kansas Bob posted a great entry the other day entitled, The Authentic You. It is well worth your time to click on the link and read his insightful post. In this post he was moved to ask a number of excellent questions. I going to list the question and give you my answers. Hopefully this will give you a little insight to "the authentic me."

Q.  What Matters Most to You?
A.  The supremacy of God in all things

Q.  What is important to you professionally?
A.  To explain & expound God's character so clearly that anyone can see and be attracted to God's great and majestic character. This glorifies God and benefits both the saved and the lost.

Q.  What is important to you personally?
A.  That when my life is over I do not discover at the Bema Seat that I have wasted my life.

Q.  What values to the people you admire exemplify?
A.  Integrity, faithfulness, tenacity, Christlikeness

Q.  What motivates you to put in more effort at work?
A.  Knowing I will one day stand before the Bema Seat of God

Q.  What would you do Saturday morning if time, distance, and money weren't an issue?
A.  I would do what I did for well over two years with different men, I would disciple men.

Q.  What things do you feel brings out the authentic you?
A.  My sin nature brings out the authentic me. I hope that the Holy Spirit brings out the authentic Christ in me.

Q.  Do you find joys (vacations) or trials (doctors and hospitals) surface the real you?
A.  Naturally the trials draw out the real me

Q.  When do you sense that you are being the real you?
A.  When I succumb to the lure and enticement of my flesh. Then the Holy Spirit convicts me and reminds me that the real me died in Christ and I was raised in Christ to walk in newness of life as a man in Christ.

Thanks Bob! Great questions to think and mull over. Hope the questions and even my answers help someone.

Warning! Particularly on this day, do not let patriotism become a form of idolatry. Do not substitute Nationalism for the worship of the one true and living God, the God of glory.


Susan said...

What the questions reveal to me is that the focus is on men (and women) but what I like about your answers is that you steer it back to where our focus always needs to be; on Jesus.

Thanks Gregg. :)

Anonymous said...

Great questions equally great answers. Something to think about tonight.


Gregg Metcalf said...

Susan - First, you are welcome; and thank you! Second, I did not catch the fact that the questions were man-centered. Third, be sure to check in tomorrow. The post was inspired by our comment.

Yvonne - Thanks. It is hard sometimes to look at the real self and answer hard questions.

KC Bob said...

"What would you do Saturday morning if time, distance, and money weren't an issue?"

I would regularly teleport to have breakfast with you Gregg! ツ