Monday, December 6, 2010

Pastoral Job Description

In this day and age almost all jobs have what we call a job description. A job description is a list of the general tasks, functions, or the responsibilities of a particular position. Most churches today have job descriptions for the role of pastors.

Unfortunately, some of the job descriptions that I have seen are nothing more than positions for business executives rather than Shepherds who have been appointed by the Holy Spirit. I thought I would take today and share with you what I think my job description as a Shepherd of God's people.

Thirty-two years ago I was probably "fooled by the job description." As I learn more and more today of the duties as an under-shepherd by God I am first, no longer fooled, and second, I wouldn't trade my job for the presidency of the United States.

My duties as a Shepherd:

... is to help people know and feel the seriousness of sin. (Romans 7:20)

... is to help people to know how to fight and kill indwelling sin. (Romans 8:13) This includes the nature of sin, how sin works, and how to put sin to death.

... is to help people feel the urgency of daily supplies of grace due to the fact that grace decays. The means of grace are given so that the riches of Christ may daily be obtained with fresh supplies of grace.

... is to help believers in the sanctification process in order to battle and overcome sin.

... is to help people watch and pray against temptation so that by the Holy Spirit they would be able to mortify the deeds of the body.

... is to stir people to a honest self-examination and an ever growing appreciation of Gods' glory.

... is to labor to help people know much and to know much in a biblical manner

... is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry

... is to reclaim wandering sheep

... is to establish a God-honoring vision for the body

... is to assist those who need help in their daily walk with God

... is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the glory of God and the joy of all people

... is to teach, facilitate, and provide an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to develop spiritual attitudes in God's people which motivates them to a proper balance in their Christian experience and/or walk

... is to protect them for seducing spirits and strategies

... is to care for their spiritual and physical needs

... is to confront the flock when necessary

... is to model, facilitate, and provide an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to develop a passion and anguish for God

... is to guard the body

...  to shepherd the body

... to teach the body

...  to admonish the body

... to ensure that all things are done decently and in order

... to teach God's people how to master evil and bring good out of it

...  to model and teach that hope in Christ is the only hope for deliverance from sin

... to assist believers in learning how to effectively pray

... to assist believers in learning to effectively study and read their bible

and oh yes, to preach the word, in season and out of of season!


Larri said...

Wow! Long, yet excellent list. That would be a difficult position to fill. I suppose that's why it's a 'calling' right? :o)

Happy Monday!

Scott said...

"I wouldn't trade my job for the presidency of the United States."

Reminds me of something a mentor told me in college: "If God has called you to ministry, don't lower yourself to be President of the United States."

Good reminders. Thanks for the post.

kc bob said...

I love the list Gregg! Also love the way that Jesus (and Paul for that matter) modeled this kind of shepherding in a very relational manner instead of a program centric way.

Cathy M. said...

Wait a minute, you forgot about the pastor's duty to:
*implement the latest trend driven strategies,
*give financial advice, (à la Dave Ramsey),
*download your messages from
*Push us toward every right wing band-wagon, even those pulled by a Mormon.

Sarcasm aside, that's a great list; but, alas, a dream list for me... at least for now.

Brian Ray Todd said...

Being that everything is ultimately about Jesus, how would you frame each item on your list to reflect the Lord and His kingdom? It would be enlightening to hear your thoughts. It always is. Thank you Pastor Gregg.

Anonymous said...

good stuff

maddy said...
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