Sunday, December 26, 2010

O Come Let Us Adore Him!

"A bottle comes flying through her door and immediately lights up her living room," said Hermosa Beach, California, police sergeant Paul Wolcott. "She was barely able to escape with her life." 

Wolcott was describing the aftermath of a Molotov cocktail thrown through a woman's glass front door, causing $200,000 in damages.  Brandi Nicole Nason threw the gasoline bomb on Christmas Day 2003 into the home of her former stepmother because Nason was dissatisfied with a Christmas gift the woman had given her.  (Taken from the book Stupid Christmas, by Leland Gregory currently a free download from the Amazon Kindle Library)
Christmas Nativity
Well the lesson to be learned here is that if you draw Brandi's name in the family or office gift lottery you will want to ask her what she wants for Christmas ... and the make sure you get it.

The dissatisfaction with "things" is an opposite reaction from the ones who received the first and true gift of Christmas:

  • Joseph chose obedience to God's gift and married Mary without divorcing her quietly
  • Mary chose servant-hood and was willing to carry and give birth to God's gift
  • Shepherds chose to share the good news of the gift of God
  • Wise-Men chose to bow down, give gifts, and worship the gift of God

What gift did you get this year that you did not like? What gift will you be returning or have already returned? You won't throw a flaming bottle through a door will you?



Interesting post Gregg, Hope you had a lovely Christmas,


RaD said...

Actually I liked all my gifts this year and things I don't care for I usually don't return. Depending on what it is I'll display it for a while. It may eventually make it out the door in spring cleaning, or maybe it'll just get stuck in a discreet place in the house. If it's clothes I'll wear them around that person a few times. It's good to be thankful even when our heads tell us to be ungrateful.

Persis said...

Yikes! That story is a very sad commentary.

I don't like the materialism of the season. Therefore, we don't exchange gifts, but give to others.

Brian Ray Todd said...

Our church's Christmas season message was "Advent Conspiracy" with the four message themes of "LOVE ALL", "SPEND LESS", "GIVE MORE" & WORSHIP FULLY". I enjoyed the presents, but kept focus on the presence. Meery Christmas, Happy New Year and may 2011 be a blessing to you and your ministry for the glory of God.